Xinxing  RIOT control   Products


OEM & ODM & Custom Available


OEM & ODM & Custom Available

Solid Anti Riot Helmet For Police

OEM & ODM & Custom Available

Anti Riot Shield For Police PC

OEM & ODM & Custom Available

Anti Riot Shield For Police ALUM

OEM & ODM & Custom Available

Riot Helmet Visor

OEM & ODM & Custom Available


Xinxing  SGS  Certified  Product  Features

Riot Suit SGS Protection Standard & Effect

Material: ABS plastic 
Hit test:Can stand a hit with the power of 360J 
Stabbing test:Can be stabbed with a sharp knife weighing 2.5kg, from height 1.10m 
Fire test:Stand fire for 30 second. 
Acids test: 40% concentrated H2SO4 acid can have no effect on the suit and its connection. 
Heat test:Can be put in an oven of 55" for 6 hours with no effect

Riot Helmet SGS Protection Standard & Effect

Material: ABS + PC
use to protect its wearer's head, face and eyes from handheld weapons, and thrown projectiles such as bricks, stones, as may be met in riot control. 
The helmets can also be made to protect the wearer from dangerous substances such as acids or industrial chemicals. 
It fits easily with Gas mask, especially when tear gas is being used.

Riot Shield SGS Protection Standard & Effect

Material: aluminium alloy or PC
used in conjunction with a baton.

Most riot shields are constructed from transparent polycarbonate to enable the bearer to see incoming thrown objects.


Xinxing  Company  Introduction

31+ Years Law Enforcement Supplier

Established in 1989, we are a franchised professional supplier & manufacturer for military & police equipment. Located in Guangzhou and with our own bulletproof products factory and hundreds of professional manufacture suppliers covering every other kind of products, We could supply best service, support and products and offer good suggestion and quick solutions.

Military & Police bidding solutions

We have great experience in military and police bidding projects all around the world for decades. We know a lot about foreign countries’ bidding process and every test results they want, therefore we will be great help for you when you working on bidding projects.

Trusted by worldwide law enforcement team

established business relationship with more than 100 countries.

every year more than 30 delegations from Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior visit our company.

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