Riot Suit SGS Protection Standard & Effect

Inner Material: Oxford waterproof cloth of resist burning; 

Stabproof panel: Alooy Aluminium;

Armor panel: High Intensity Nylon;


Joint webbing intensity: ≥2000N;

Stab-proof Test: No penetration when test with 20J kinetic energy penetrate into panel; 

Resist concussion: No dilapidation when test with 120J impact on the anti-riot suit; 


Test in Extrem Temperature: Test for 4 hours in -20℃ and +50℃, the anti-riot suit performance remain the same. 



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Established in 1989, we are a franchised professional supplier & manufacturer for military & police equipment. Located in Guangzhou and with our own bulletproof products factory and hundreds of professional manufacture suppliers covering every other kind of products, We could supply best service, support and products and offer good suggestion and quick solutions.

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