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Safety Shoes are now called Safety Sneakers

by:XinXing     2020-10-08

Safety Shoes are now called Redbrick Safety Sneakers.

It finally happened: The Redbrick Safety Sneakers Collection 2010 was introduced!

It remains a miracle that no safety shoe manufacturer managed to get the idea earlier:

producing not just one simple pair of safety shoes and call it sneakers, like some brands did, but dreaming up an entire collection of sneakers with double protection built in, with both the carbon (not steel) toe cap and the Kevlar sole. We call them 'sasuals' (of safety and casual) and they are quickly becoming our new footish!

As we, the Dutch, are the lucky ones to have been 'the chosen people' for the introduction campaign of these fashionable feet protectors, we were the first to witness this miracle mix of safety, comfort and fashion. Being used to wooden shoes, the introduction of this safety shoe collection struck like a flash of lightning here. However, your country could be next!

In the 2010 Redbrick Collection eveyone can find a model to his or her liking. All models meet the highest European safety terms, they come in different colours and styles, making the choice for your new footish a difficult one.

These safety shoes are being ordered by women and people who have no need what so ever to protect their feet, as they do not have dangerous jobs at all. They are the lucky ones indeed, now they can walk on the wild side as well, without being frowned upon, as no one will consider their safety shoes to be something else than fashionable sneakers. So they are claiming their place as fashion trendsetters. Better be safe than sorry!

If you would like to know what all the fuzz is about you should really have a look at the The Redbrick Safety Collection 2010 and see for yourself.

Over here they are rapidly becoming a trend already. For the first time ever, you do not have to go home to change your shoes before you go out. Just be one of the trendsetters and wear your Redbrick Safety Sneakers where ever you go, not just at work, but at home as well. Bring your lifestyle to the workplace and let your feet speak for themselves. They will feel beautiful and well protected, you will feel great and will be a site for sore eyes! (Well at least your lowest parts will be.)Safety Sneakers were born just recently, but they are already taking the world by storm, starting in the Netherlands this year. Without a shadow of a doubt they will turn out to be the trend of 2010. Still in their infancy they are expected to peak when they reach puberty. So if you are a trendsetter in fashion land you'd better hurry and claim your pair of 'sasuals' right away!

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