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by:XinXing     2020-05-02
Security is our common job. The fabric of security clothing will be selected according to the season. Different security manufacturers will explain the characteristics of security clothing fabrics in different seasons. Customized security clothing can contact our 24-hour customer service. The needs of security clothing in different seasons are different. In summer, the requirements are to absorb moisture and perspiration. In winter, you need to keep warm. Therefore, Guangzhou XINXING security clothing will introduce you to the security clothing fabrics and security clothing fabrics suitable for different seasons. The classification of customized fabrics for security clothing Security clothing fabric-Oxford textile: soft and thick texture, wear resistance, good breathability, no fading and no ball, moderate price; Security clothing fabric-polyester cotton 65/35: soft texture, thin and light, good ventilation, low price, above Two kinds of fabrics are suitable for spring, summer, autumn long and short sleeve shirts; security clothing winter fabric-polyester card: the texture is hard, wear-resistant, warm and affordable. It is the first fabric in spring and winter. Common knowledge of fabric characteristics: security clothing fabric-cotton security clothing fabric-cotton: (seed fiber) can be said to be the most widely used clothing fiber in the world. The advantages and disadvantages of customized fabrics for different security guards Strong hygroscopicity-cotton fiber is a porous substance, the internal molecular arrangement is very irregular, and the molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic structures. Warmth―Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat. The inner cavity of cotton fiber is filled with non-flowing air, which is comfortable to wear. It will not produce static electricity, has good air permeability, is oversensitive, and is easy to clean. Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle-cotton fiber has poor elasticity. Large shrinkage rate-cotton fiber has strong water absorption. When it absorbs moisture, it expands the cotton fiber and causes the cotton yarn to shorten and deform. Security clothing fabric-polyester (synthetic fiber). Polyester (synthetic fiber): Synthetic fiber is made of polymer compounds, polyester is one of them, it is also called polyester fiber. Advantages, large strength, strong wear resistance, good elasticity, and strong heat resistance. Disadvantages, lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, so the hygroscopicity is extremely poor, and the permeability is also poor. The fabric woven from it will feel dull and breathless when worn on the body. Because the surface of the fiber is smooth, the cohesion between the fibers becomes poor, so the friction is easy to fluff. The above is the introduction of customized security clothing fabrics by Guangzhou security service customization manufacturers. For more information about security service customization and fabric customization knowledge, please contact our online customer service
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