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Security uniform manufacturers analyze the issues

by:XinXing     2020-05-11
What issues should be paid attention to in the pattern-making process of customized security clothing? Today, the Guangzhou security uniform manufacturer XINXING Co., Ltd. will explain to you that the clothing version is to make a paper pattern of the clothing designer ’s creative design, which can also be called a clothing template. Clothing pattern-making is a necessary step for designing all kinds of clothing including security clothing. When pattern-making, you need to be careful and have a professional version-making literacy. XINXING security clothing security clothing manufacturers-to provide you with better products and services The service concept of XINXING security clothing: You only need one phone, everything will be done by us. Choose XINXING security clothing, we let you feel high-quality security clothing, with quality and service to satisfy you! Security clothing is customized to choose Guangzhou XINXING security clothing, well-known brands in the industry, dedicated docking, dedicated service, allowing you to enjoy VIP treatment. Issues that need to be noticed in the version of security clothing: First, the pattern of security clothing should determine the shape of the security clothing designed and the needs of the customer group. Then make the base type based on the customer's ideal needs, determine the map, and cut and change the base type according to the style requirements. Secondly, copy the pattern and add nine aspects, review the pattern, and carefully check the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the pattern. It should be noted that “workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do the right thing”. While printing a version, we pay attention to each step in an orderly manner, and it is also necessary for the smooth use of tools. Find a smooth version Tools can help us make a better model. The completion of Guangzhou security clothing from design to cutting to the final ready-made garments requires the full cooperation of designers and pattern designers. The quality of each link determines the final result. The professionalism that needs to be paid attention to in pattern making is also not tolerated ignore.
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