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Soft body armor

by:XinXing     2020-06-28
Soft body armor is the body armor that is used more frequently by the army, the army, and the government. According to different body armor levels, there are two, three, four, and five body armor. Of course, bullet-proof steel plates can also be added according to requirements ( Metal bulletproof plates) and thick ceramic (non-metallic bulletproof plates), their protective performance, the type of pistols targeted, and the type of bullets are also different. This depends on the actual requirements and the standard given by the unit. Xinxing will come first Let me talk about the technical parameters of the most used soft body armor for your reference. Technical parameters of soft body armor: 1. Structure: composed of jacket + bulletproof layer, the bulletproof layer is made of soft bulletproof material; 2. Protection area: ≥0.33 square meters; 3. Protection level: optional level 2-5; 4. Appearance: the outer fabric is not damaged, floats, or leaks, and the protective sleeve of the bulletproof layer in the inner tank has no defects such as holes or damage; the surface of the soft bulletproof layer is flat, and there are no local convex depressions, wrinkles And other defects. The outer layer is generally printed with white police micro. The text of the jacket is made of reflective material. The back of the jacket is printed with the white Chinese 'police' and the English 'POLICE'. Jingjiang Gu'an police can customize the font and color. Wait; 5. Executive standard: 'GA141-2010 Police Bulletproof Garment' 6. Soft bulletproof vests are underwritten by Tianan Insurance, guaranteed by product liability
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