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Special tactical helmet for police dogs, safe

by:XinXing     2020-05-27
Police dogs are a kind of working dogs used for reconnaissance and solving cases. They often go in and out of some quite dangerous environments. For dangerous tasks such as detonation, they need their cooperation. Not long ago, I saw that in the finals of the Fifth National Police Dog Technical Competition, many military dogs wore helmets, and this helmet has not been seen by everyone. The basic cargo vest or bulletproof vest that you often see , But these equipments are not enough to protect police dogs. This police dog tactical helmet is called the trident combat dog combat helmet, and everyone is called the K9 helmet. In addition to protecting the head of the dog, this helmet also strengthens the protective measures for the eyes. This cool-looking goggles and helmet can provide all-round protection. The material of the helmet is made of high-strength nylon. It is easy to wear and disassemble by using 3D printing technology. There are three types of helmets, suitable for police dogs of different heads. There is a replaceable cushion material inside the helmet. The greatest comfort for dogs. However, this helmet is only suitable for small dogs such as horse dogs. Dogs of this type, such as the Ronald, are large and iron, so you do not need to wear this helmet.
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