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Standing guard in the scorching sun wearing police

by:XinXing     2020-09-11
July and August are the hottest months of each year. Nanjing has the title of stove. On the way home at noon two days ago, I saw a straight police officer in a police uniform and a police equipment station passing through the middle of the road. Standing on duty under the scorching sun, admiration spontaneously arises!
Under the scorching sun, they still maintain the best mental outlook to direct traffic and contribute their strength to the society. 'Comrade police, I'm going to somewhere, where should I go'? This should be the question they hear the most every day, no matter what environment they are in, they are very patient to answer the people's questions!
Police officers are an industry worthy of admiration. The police equipment they wear on duty can help them to better complete their tasks. We hope that our police equipment can become better and better for them and the people they defend. Provide better protection!
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