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The advantages of Gu'an stab-resistant clothing

by:XinXing     2020-06-22
1. Anti-cutting: The special braided structure and the excellent performance of ultra-high-strength fiber make this garment have the function of anti-cut Second, anti-knife cutting: ultra-high-strength fiber high-density weave, using a special process to form a soft force group, can prevent cut 3. Anti-stab: anti-stab ability is greater than 500 Newtons 4. Anti-theft: the blade cannot cut the anti-cut layer, and the items in the pocket of the clothing can prevent theft Fifth, high strength: double-thread sewing with ultra-high-strength fiber thread to ensure the cut-proof level of the seam, not easy to damage and tear Sixth, large area: 0.7 to 1.2 square meters, the protection area is greater than the protection area of 4 pieces of soft stab-resistant clothing, stab-resistant vest, and stab-resistant clothing 7. Light weight: 0.65 kg, good mobility 8. Thin thickness: does not affect the flexibility of the body. After putting on the coat, it is as concealed as normal dressing. You can choose stab-resistant clothing with different stab-resistant materials according to different requirements, and use them correctly, so as to protect your own safety.
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