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The benefits of wearing work clothes

by:XinXing     2020-05-16
At work, female employees should wear work clothes just like male employees. However, some female employees often do not understand the importance of wearing work clothes, especially those young female workers who are reluctant to wear work clothes because they love beauty. This is detrimental to work and health. Some industries require working clothes when working. Wearing work clothes for labor production has many benefits. In dusty working environments, wear work clothes to prevent dust. Female workers engaged in lathes, locksmiths and other types of work are more greasy when contacting machine tools. Putting on work clothes can play a role in cleaning. In the precision instrument workshop, workers are required to wear white coats and work hats. This prevents dust on the head and clothing from falling onto the instrument, which affects the quality of the instrument. When women workers are exposed to acid or alkali, they can wear acid- and alkali-proof work clothes to prevent toxic substances from contaminating their clothes and to prevent their bodies from being poisoned. At work, if you do n’t wear work clothes, your own clothes will be contaminated by poison. Wearing your own clothes with poison to go home can also cause harm to people at home. If you wear toxic clothes to feed the baby, the baby is more likely to be poisoned. For example, a female worker engaged in mercury operations, because of the strong adhesion of mercury vapor, is easy to attach to clothes. If you do n’t wear work clothes, mercury will be contaminated on your underwear, which can then contaminate your hands and other parts through the clothes. skin. Mercury can also invade the body and cause damage. Clothes with mercury can damage other people in the family. Some female workers are engaged in heat radiation work, or working in a humid environment, etc. It is beneficial to wear radiation-proof and moisture-proof work clothes. In order to produce safety and product quality, and for the health of female employees, their families and children, female employees must wear work clothes as required during labor and production.
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