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The bulletproof principle of body armor

by:XinXing     2020-06-29
1. Bounce off the fragments formed after the bomb is broken; 2. Dissipate the kinetic energy of the warhead through bulletproof materials. The material of Gu'an body armor is mainly composed of high-performance textile fibers. These high-performance fibers are much higher than the energy absorption capacity of general materials, giving the body armor bullet-proof function, and because this body armor generally uses the structure of textiles, it also has Quite soft, called soft body armor. There are five ways for Gu'an body armor to absorb energy: 1. The deformation of the fabric: including the deformation of the bullet incident direction and the tensile deformation of the vicinity of the incident point; 2. Destruction of fabrics: including fibrillation of fibers, breakage of fibers, disintegration of yarn structure and disintegration of fabric structure; 3. Thermal energy: Energy is dissipated in the form of thermal energy through friction; 4. Acoustic energy: the energy consumed by the sound emitted by the bullet after hitting the bulletproof layer; 5. Deformation of the projectile. The bulletproof mechanism of soft and hard compound bulletproof vests developed to improve the bulletproof capability can be summarized by both 'soft and hard'.   When the bullet hits the bulletproof vest, the first thing to interact with it is hard bulletproof materials such as steel plates or reinforced ceramic materials. During this moment of contact, both the bullet and the hard bulletproof material may deform or break, consuming most of the bullet's energy. The high-strength fiber fabric serves as a pad and a second line of defense for body armor, absorbing and diffusing the energy of the remaining part of the bullet and acting as a buffer, thereby reducing non-penetrating damage as much as possible. In these two bulletproof processes, the previous one played the main role of energy absorption, greatly reducing the impact force, which is the key to bulletproof.
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