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The characteristics of police riot helmets

by:XinXing     2020-09-27
Riot helmets are a kind of police equipment used by police officers to avoid head and face blows or other harmful attacks when they are on duty, allowing users to respond well to emergencies during duty. Different parts have different functions. Among them, the mask is used to cover and protect the eyes and face without affecting the user's normal observation; while the neck protector is used to cover and protect the neck.

There are certain differences between police riot helmets and other styles. In its neck protection layer, the outer layer is made of flame-retardant leather material, while the inner layer is made of PE board; when the attacker wants to attack the user's neck, it can play a good protective role , Because the snap button can only be unlocked from the inside of the helmet and in one direction, and cannot be unlocked from the outside.

The police anti-riot helmet produced by XINXING police equipment is made of a high-strength anti-impact ABS plastic hard shell and a PC face shield. The face shield can move up and down flexibly and has the dual protection of iron mesh and PC face shield. Owning this police riot helmet can better protect the user from injury.
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