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The cooling system affects the overall comfort

by:XinXing     2020-04-28
The bulletproof material, protective area and structural design used in the bulletproof vest directly determine the protective ability, weight, wearing and performance of the bulletproof vest. When these conditions are met, there is a major problem to be solved, that is the heat dissipation system of the body armor. The quality of the heat dissipation system directly determines the overall comfort of the body armor! Body armor is usually not breathable and can easily cause heat and moisture accumulation in the body. Unreasonable structural design or high overall rigidity will limit the soldiers' freedom of movement and sensitivity, which not only affects the comfort, but also affects the maneuverability and the effectiveness of performing work, putting them in a dangerous situation. The additional cooling device can play a good heat dissipation effect. Automatic temperature adjustment fiber / textile can achieve the effect of adjusting temperature through the phase change material contained in the textile surface or fiber. This type of material can freely adjust the temperature of textiles within a certain range according to changes in the external environment, which is more comfortable than general fabrics. Smart textiles that use phase change automatic temperature adjustment are widely used in some special fields such as aviation and military.
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