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The development history of the police equipment market

by:XinXing     2020-09-30
When it comes to the development of the police equipment market, many people鈥檚 reaction in the past few years is that they have never heard of it, and there are fewer people doing it. The concept is still fixed in the thinking of the planned economy era. They think that the relevant departments of these products should be closed. Self-sufficiency is a special privilege industry that ordinary people and organizations cannot get involved.

In recent years, police equipment has been mentioned again. Some people said they have heard of it, and more and more people are engaged in it. This shows that the development of the police equipment market is becoming more and more known. It also shows that the industry鈥檚 demand is increasing and attracting people to enter. It also shows that reforms in the economic field are more extensive. In addition to certain product areas such as guns, explosives, etc., this industry still requires franchising. All have been released to the people.

Police equipment products include riot shields, riot helmets, stab-resistant clothing, steel forks, catchers and other conventional riot equipment; bullet-proof shields, body armor, bullet-proof bags, bullet-proof helmets and other special protective equipment; and phosphorus High-tech security products such as poison alarms, explosive detectors, chemical poison detectors, EOD robots, security gates, etc., are related to the lives of millions of people and affect the happy reunion of millions of families. They are sacred and great, and it is breathtaking. Awe.

Guangzhou XINXING Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an army equipment manufacturer, a catalog enterprise of the police equipment procurement center of the Ministry of Public Security, a shortlisted enterprise for single police equipment of the Ministry of Public Security, a member of the Police Standards Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, a member of the Criminal Science and Technology Association, Guangzhou Province The vice chairman unit of the Police Equipment Industry Association. The police equipment produced is guaranteed to be of high quality and low price, and fully meet the needs of customers!
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