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The difference between aluminum alloy anti-riot

by:XinXing     2020-06-21
Xinxing Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of manufacturing, production and R&D. It produces various types of riot shields. Today, Xiaobian discusses the differences between aluminum alloy riot shields and PC riot shields. The riot-proof shield made of PC material at high temperature is characterized by being easy to carry and light, which does not hinder the operator's mobility, flexible operation, and a certain degree of transparency, and relatively high light transmittance, which can make the operator the fastest when faced with the situation. In response, to reduce injuries, Xinxing police equipment provides several PC anti-riot shields to those who need it, in order to meet the requirements of all kinds of people who need it. Aluminum alloy riot shield is characterized by strong impact resistance and very strong, such as acid splash attacks, bullets and other weapons, there are various customized aluminum alloy riot shields, various styles, tailored to the needs of operators, and arms Shield and so on.
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