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The difference between full helmet and half helmet

by:XinXing     2020-09-19
The full helmet is a common helmet for competitions. It wraps all the head and has the highest protection; and 3/4 helmets have the most general performance in terms of protection and comfort. The half helmets have the worst protection, but have the most Good comfort and convenience.

Although full helmets are not as convenient and comfortable as 3/4 helmets and half helmets, they can effectively protect the chin when an accident occurs. This is a function that the other two helmets do not have. The other two types of helmets are suitable for summer use, because they have better breathability and lightness.

And of course, there are also face-opening helmets that are more suitable for long-distance travel, taking into account the safety of full helmets, as well as the convenience of traveling. You can drink, smoke, eat, and talk with people without taking off the helmet. Convenience. In addition, it is worth noting that the helmets are also divided into European and Asian versions, mainly due to the difference in head shape between Asian and European races! Therefore, you can consult the relevant details first when buying, but in domestic Basically, the sales will provide the Asian version, but the overseas shopping, purchasing and so on may not be guaranteed.
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