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The difference between PC shield and ordinary riot shield

by:XinXing     2020-09-26
Violent incidents in today's society often occur, which requires timely stop by anti-riot personnel. In the process of riot prevention, some quarrels or hands-on things may occur. In order to better protect the lives of law enforcement personnel, riot shields must be equipped. Due to the difference in materials, there are many types of riot shields, and PC shields are one of them. So what is the difference between PC shield and ordinary riot shield? Let me explain to you from three aspects:

Weight: The special material of the PC shield makes it lighter. A PC shield (500*900mm) is about 2.5KG, which is 1/8 times that of an ordinary metal shield of the same specification. Therefore, it has the advantages of light and convenient hand-held, which is conducive to operation training, which is one of the reasons for the mass purchase of many customers.

Impact resistance: Due to the use of imported PC material, the perfect combination of high strength and reasonable toughness, its impact resistance and puncture resistance are good, and it has good cushioning and shock resistance. It is durable and durable, which is the best at present. One of the riot shield materials.

Quotes: As a professional police equipment manufacturer, Anhua police equipment has been selling well at home and abroad as one of the main products, and has won numerous praises. In terms of current sales, the sales of PC shields have been rising steadily, far exceeding that of ordinary metal shields, and the development prospects are unlimited.

The PC shield produced by our company has the following characteristics:
shape: rectangle
Material: PC material formed at high temperature
Size: 90*50cm
Thickness: 3mm
Protection area: 0.45㎡
Strength: the connection strength of the handle, armband and shield body>500N
Weight: 2.5kg
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