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The difference between thermal imager and night vision

by:XinXing     2020-05-20
1. Effectiveness 1) If you have used an ordinary night vision device, you will find that the night vision device and the general infrared thermal imager have completely different observation feelings. This is because the general night vision device directly observes the target through the lens, so the field of view is the same as what the telescope lens sees, and the picture is green. If the clarity is sufficient, it is possible to identify who the character's target is and to see the facial features of the person. 2) The infrared night vision thermal imager sees the image on the internal LCD screen, rather than directly seeing the target, so the field of view is square. The imaging of infrared night vision thermal imager will be based on the temperature distribution. The higher the temperature, the greater the brightness, and the lower the temperature, the darker the color. The main purpose is to find the target and identify the target category, such as the target is a person or animal. 2. The influence of light factors 1) The night vision device of the second generation +, due to the imaging principle, is greatly affected by the environment. Especially under the influence of light, the observation distance will be shortened after the light becomes dark. In the case of all black, the auxiliary infrared light source must be used, and the distance of the auxiliary infrared light source is generally only up to 100 meters. At the same time, they will be afraid of strong light, although many traditional night vision devices have strong light protection. But if the environment brightness changes greatly, it will have a great impact on the observation. 2) Infrared thermal imaging night vision device will not be affected by light. No matter it is day or night or rainy, snowy or foggy, the target object can be clearly observed. It is for this reason that top car night vision devices, such as Mercedes-Benz BMW, use infrared thermal imaging cameras. Thermal Imager Infrared thermal imaging technology has applications in both military and civilian areas. It originally originated from military use and gradually turned into civilian use. It is generally called a thermal imager in civil use, which is mainly used in research and development or industrial testing and equipment maintenance. It is also widely used in fire prevention, night vision and security. Popularly speaking, the thermal imager is to convert the invisible infrared energy emitted by the object into a visible thermal image. The different colors on the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the measured object. Night vision device The night sight with the image intensifier as the core device does not use infrared searchlights to illuminate the target during operation, but uses the light reflected by the target under weak light to observe and aim at the visible image that can be felt by the human eye on the fluorescent screen through the image intensifier aims. Infrared night vision is a military night vision instrument that uses photoelectric conversion technology. It is divided into active and passive types: the former illuminates the target with an infrared searchlight and receives reflected infrared radiation to form an image; the latter does not emit infrared light and relies on the target's own infrared radiation to form a 'thermal image', so it is also called a 'thermal image' instrument'.
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