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The distribution of new special police equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-17
Recently, the special police detachment of the Kunming Public Security Bureau issued an integrated special police equipment for command and dispatch, patrol and interrogation, and contact with the police terminal system-'Che Xiaoya'. This is a rear-view mirror with powerful functions. You can switch between different functions easily and quickly by clicking, and you can switch to a normal rear-view mirror by gently shaking your palm on it. So how powerful is it? The following Anhua police use equipment to introduce to everyone:

1. The dispatch of police information and the dispatching of police
After the masses report to the police, the command center will issue a police information sheet to the 'Che Xiaoya' terminal system according to the location of the masses. You can navigate to the location of the masses with a single tap. The alarm situation will be displayed on the screen whether it is a public security or criminal situation, which is clear at a glance. According to the police situation, the mobile patrol unit will prepare accordingly. At the same time, the small screen also shows the progress tracking of the alarm: when the instruction was accepted, when it reached the alarm position, quickly feedback to the command center.
2. Interrogate suspicious vehicles
During the patrol process, the 'Che Xiaoya' is equipped with a front camera, which automatically scans the vehicle in front, and automatically prompts if a suspicious vehicle is found. Then, the patrol unit civilian police and auxiliary police will conduct further investigations to determine whether the vehicle is a 'problem' vehicle.
3. Quick contact between patrol units
Tap a button at the bottom of the 'Che Xiaoya' screen to use the phone function. After selecting a few cars, you can call, which is more convenient for conversations and call reinforcements.
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