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The equipment of SWAT is very valuable

by:XinXing     2020-09-29
Special police is a special type of police used to deal with serious violent cases. Each country will more or less have its own special police force. Due to the essential difference between special police forces and military special forces, the equipment of special police forces is also significantly different from that of special forces.

In today's society, criminal methods are becoming more and more diverse, so there is no uniform standard for special police equipment. It is necessary to select suitable equipment for use according to the situation at the time. But some equipment is special police force
Indispensable in any situation. Wearing riot helmets, eye protection goggles, bulletproof vests, cut-resistant gloves on hands, knee pads on the legs, and combat boots on the feet. These are the basic attire of the city special police; there are also sniper rifles and strong Light flashlights, retractable batons, tear gas jets, etc. are also necessary equipment; so the total weight of the special police equipment is not less than 15 kg, and this outfit is more than 300,000! It's really valuable! In the densely populated places, stations and docks of large cities in the inland, and around the key parts of the city, you can often see special police patrolling by off-road vehicles, motorcycles, walking, and fixed-point guards, sometimes with police dogs.

In recent years, special police equipment has become more and more advanced, and the gap with the international advanced level such as the United States and Europe has narrowed. The improvement of equipment has not only increased the combat effectiveness and protection capabilities of special police officers in law enforcement, patrol, and arrest of fugitives, but also boosted morale and played an important role in deterring and combating criminal activities.
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