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The evolution of military backpacks

by:XinXing     2020-05-18
Because the load of individual soldiers will directly affect their combat effectiveness and endurance ability, all countries attach great importance to the personal 'treasure bag' used by individual soldiers to carry weapons, equipment, daily necessities, etc.-military backpacks. Backpacks combine soldiers and weapons and equipment. U.S. Army 'Backpack' heavy life-saving As early as during World War II, the US military began to develop various military backpacks according to operational needs. The backpacks of this period were relatively primitive and bulky, and were basically 'baggage' on the back. In 1974, the US military's most versatile multi-purpose light backpack-'Alice' (Alice) single soldier took the stage to debut. It was made by the US military based on the experience of the Vietnam War and became a classic backpack gradually used in the military of many countries. The top of the backpack has an envelope compartment, double-layer rainproof, Velcro opening, which can hold maps and other items. Inside the backpack, there is a living room for sleeping bags, and there are 3 storage bins outside. The loading capacity is large. There are many places on the outside of the backpack, which can be used with U.S. military universal hooks to mount life equipment such as water jugs. This kind of backpack is still favored by folks for adventure, camping and traveling. In addition, the US military backpack also has the role of 'lifesaving bag'. The loaded life-saving equipment is composed of two parts: one is medical supplies and field survival tools, such as global positioning instrument, saber and catcher for catching small animals; the other is a special bag with gold coins, dollars and hostile national characters note. The note reads: 'I am an American, I ask for your help, please take me to a safe place. All the money in my body belongs to you.' In case you are caught or injured, you can get timely help. During the 1995 Bosnia-Herzegovina war, a captain of the United States Air Force was killed after an aircraft was shot and lived in an uninhabited field for 8 days with a life-saving bag to capture small animals. During the 1999 Kosovo war, an American F-117A stealth fighter was shot down. The pilot used the global positioning system in the rescue kit to get in touch with the US rescue team and was rescued 7 hours after the plane was shot down. PLA Backpack is regular Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, whether it was a rice bag, a bullet bag and a grenade bag during the Red Army, a 'Xiaomi plus rifle' during the war of resistance against Japan, plus a small enamel bowl and a pair of chopsticks, or a 'five one' during the war of liberation (a canvas belt, (A white towel, a water bottle, a small shoulder bag, and a quilt), our army's backpacks are simple and monotonous, and the way of carrying has always been the backward way of 'single hanging' hung on the body with a rope. However, with the regularization of equipment, our army has now launched the 01-type single soldier carrying series of equipment, and has fully installed troops. It includes: life carrying equipment, ammunition carrying equipment, sleeping equipment (including raincoats, sleeping mats, sleeping bags), etc. Compared with the individual soldier backpacks of the foreign army, one of the major shortcomings of the 01 backpack of our army is that there are too few plug-in points. If a few additional plug-in points are reasonably added, the soldier tent and the moisture-proof pad can be simultaneously plugged in Carry a single soldier Combat equipment such as rockets. Generally speaking, compared with the advanced equipment of foreign troops, there is still a certain gap in the modularity of our army backpacks. But as a testimony to the development of our army, we will certainly catch up, and backpacks with better functions will be presented to everyone in the near future.
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