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The general attributes of military and civilian

by:XinXing     2020-06-16
As we all know, physical training uniforms are a type of 07 military uniforms that army officers and soldiers like very much. This type of clothing is soft and absorbs sweat, so it is more comfortable to wear. In addition to physical training, many officers and soldiers also choose to wear physical training uniforms when they are in dormitory leisure and in summer (uniform). Under the current background that military stores are very popular with local military fans, many military stores have also introduced physical training uniforms from various channels such as manufacturers for the purchase of military fans and groups, indicating that the military and civilian general attributes of this military uniform are still More obvious. However, there is a view that many local military stores have inferior quality training uniforms than those dispensed by the military. I have verified that this is indeed thinner. Therefore, we should remind the army fans to be careful not to buy fake ones! However, there are still many local youth who like to wear physical training uniforms. They sometimes go shopping, sometimes express delivery, they look casual and cool, and they are also very handsome.
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