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The main types of anti-riot equipment

by:XinXing     2020-06-22
Anti-riot equipment imported raw materials from Europe and America, high transparency, harmless to human body, high bulletproof level, use after strict testing. The types of violence equipment are as follows: Anti-riot square shield: The anti-riot police carry it to resist foreign objects, personnel pushing and other defensive equipment. The protective area is larger than the round shield, which is usually used by the front row of riot personnel. Riot-proof round shield: It is carried by riot personnel and is a light-type defensive shield, which is mainly used for arresting criminals. Anti-riot power shield: light defense shield with aggression. There are iron bars on the shield as a conductor. If you touch it, you will feel pain. This item comes from the battery. Anti-riot helmet: A helmet equipped by a riot officer, the protective mask opening method is different from that of a general helmet. In order to prevent attacks, a two-stage opening method is designed. Riot clothing: Divided into regular and heavy equipment. There are tops and bottoms. The heavy-duty clothing material has the function of fire protection. The clothing has plastic and foam to absorb the attack. The design is dense and non-ventilated, without any gaps, and the airtight design also includes the neck, but the movement is somewhat limited. The conventional type is lightweight and wearable. Protective gloves: Heavy equipment for riot control, and equipment to prevent external attacks on most joints of the hand. Safety shoes: The shoes worn by the riot personnel are mostly made of military leather shoes. Fire extinguisher: when a criminal throws a petrol bomb.. etc., a fire alarm, the equipment immediately extinguishes the light anti-riot equipment: this suit is different from the heavy anti-riot equipment. This design is a better activity equipment, the disadvantage is There are multiple gaps and are divided into the following equipment. Arm protection group: there are two in one group, and the defense area is from the arm to the hand bowl. Body protective clothing: clothing for defending the back and chest. Foot defense group: There are two in one group, and the defense area is from the foot to the ankle joint.
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