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The most comfortable way to wear military training shoes

by:XinXing     2020-05-02
Recently, most colleges and universities have started school and have entered the military training period. So how do you feel about the children's shoes that are undergoing military training? During military training, you need to wear a set of military training uniforms. Perhaps because we can only wear military training uniforms for about half a month, its quality is not good, and it is not too comfortable to wear on the body. Clothes are fine, but for most people, shoes are the most terrible. No matter whether you choose the right fit shoes or the size one shoes when you choose shoes, you will wear your feet for a while, and some of them will wear out blisters, and some will not even go. So how can you make it? Do comfortable shoes fit? Because the sole is hard, you can put the foam insole of suitable sports shoes in the military training shoes; or wear a pair of thick socks, this is hotter; and there is the more popular pad aunt towel, this is the most comfortable to wear Yeah, it ’s estimated that you are still a little bit shy about the small fresh meat, but it ’s nothing. And this is also a small business opportunity, because most people are embarrassed to buy it. If you go to one dormitory and another dormitory to push, you can still earn a fortune! The sales are based on business opportunities plus the courage not to face.
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