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The most convenient Soviet military backpack in the world

by:XinXing     2020-05-14
During World War II, Soviet soldiers ’backpacks were very simple. They were mainly used to equip ammunition, food, and sundries. They were sewed on sackcloth, which was different from the leather products used by the military in other countries in Europe and the United States at that time, but they were cheap. Many times this military backpack is full of its own property, including its family letters, suicide notes, salary and extra income obtained during wartime. However, because this backpack has a very simple function, in order to prevent unexpected sounds during sports, it is generally The order of its items is fixed, from top to bottom are personal hygiene products, spare foot cloth, tableware, combat rations, etc. In many old World War II photos, Soviet soldiers have left a deep impression. In addition to the sturdy combat style, their line of business is also talked about. They were wrapped in bulging cotton coats. In today's world where advanced weapons and equipment are frequent, the Russian army can occasionally see this cannabis bag. From the early Soviet Union to today's Russia, it has always been simple and practical, regardless of details. This sack is a simple marching backpack. A sack, plus a few ropes, to replace the marching backpack. The capacity of this sack rucksack is particularly large, and it is also a place that attracts soldiers. As long as you master the skills, you can increase the speed of re-closing after you spread out, which is why some Russian soldiers use it today, and some Russian soldiers have played tricks. The inside of the sack rucksack is filled with explosive blocks to make a simple extra large explosive bag. Some people use it as a grenade bag, and the inside b can also hold grenades.
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