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The Necessity of Establishing the Equipment Standards

by:XinXing     2020-09-10
In order to improve the combat effectiveness of individual police officers and guarantee the needs of the police in carrying out their tasks, it is necessary to distribute standardized individual police equipment to them. How can the police use individual police equipment systematically and exert the highest level and combat effectiveness? This requires the development of a set of police equipment and equipment standards to restrict it! What are the benefits of establishing standards?

1. It is conducive to comprehensively improving the equipment level and combat effectiveness of individual police officers;
2. The system can provide a basis for local public security organs to apply for equipment funds;
3. Unify single police equipment equipment items, ensure the uniformity of equipment, and promote the standardized construction of public security single police equipment;
4. Starting from the practicability of equipment, optimize the equipment of single police equipment to the greatest extent and further improve the efficiency of single police equipment.
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