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The on-site survey box can find things we can't

by:XinXing     2020-08-27

The on-site inspection box can find things that we can't see with the naked eye. Generally speaking, professionals use these. For example, police officers need these equipment when handling cases.
There are many tools in the on-site survey box with many functions. It can display and extract on-site footprints, display and extract on-site fingerprints, compare and analyze fingerprints, block and map on-site, extract trace material evidence, display on-site fingerprints, configure on-site general tools, and disassemble Carrying and counting object tools.
In addition to on-site survey boxes, we also produce forensic equipment and police equipment. Our products have a wide range of products that serve the society and personnel, so that police officers can protect safety. The equipment we produce is helpful for special personnel to solve cases, and has great positive significance for the development of society.
However, when choosing these products, users should pay attention to avoid buying fake and shoddy products to avoid hurting others and themselves. Only regular products have a protective effect.
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