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The origin of M 65

by:XinXing     2020-09-01
The most common winter military clothing seen by military friends today is the field coat called M65. Since it was issued to the U.S. military stationed in the cold zone in 1965, it has been in service until now. Some people call it the M65 field jacket. English name M- 65FIELD JACKET, this is because when the field coat was first developed, the earliest prototypes were called field jackets.

The origin of the M65 field coat can be traced back to the Second World War. Since the Allied forces headed by the U.S. Army began to attack the German army after the Normandy landing, a field coat was produced, which is the M-1941 style as we know it. Field jackets. At that time, the field coats and service uniforms of most of the British and German troops were the same. Only the U.S. Army separated the two uniforms earlier. According to the needs of their respective positions, they established their own uniform system and kept the clothes worn when wearing them. Inconvenience is minimized.

Later, because the army reported that the cotton/wool blended M-1941 jacket had problems such as too fragile texture and easy to wear, and gradually improved and developed a new generation of field jackets. The new generation of M-1943 jackets issued at the end of the war were made of cotton. The texture is more advanced and strong than M-1941, and it has a hood design. From the appearance, it is quite close to the current M65 field jacket. The Korean War broke out not long after the end of World War II. In order to meet the needs of the war, the U.S. Army An inner design was added to the M-1943 jacket to improve the cold resistance of the field jacket, which became the prototype of the later M-1951 field jacket.

The style of the M-1951 jacket basically continues the M-1943 design, but the front of the jacket has been changed to a zipper opening and closing, which has excellent wind resistance. The next thing is to change the collar and cuffs to use Velcro Well, the M-1965 with a hood hidden in the collar, that is, the M-65 field coat. Since then, the M65 has become the standard equipment for troops stationed across the United States.

M65 is characterized by no cumbersome decoration, very convenient to use, and very durable. In addition, it has the function of adapting to various environments. These conditions make the M65 no matter as a winter field equipment or even a coat for daily wear. Excellent priority.

The length of the M65 is down to the waist, the outer shell is made of a strong thick cloth blended with cotton and nylon, and the inner layer (INTERSHELL) is made of pure cotton, which is thinner. The design of the inner and outer layers constitutes The M65 field jacket has excellent wind resistance and cold resistance, and even has a certain degree of waterproofness. In addition, in order to expel the heat and sweat generated by physical activities as soon as possible, it is designed as an open wing collar with magic on it. The collar can be fitted after standing up, so as to protect the neck from the cold wind.

The front of the M65 is opened and closed with a zipper, and the zipper is covered with a cover cloth fixed with a small round button (DOT BOTTOM), which is more windproof. Tie tightly to block the cold air outside the clothes. There are a large pocket on the left and right sides of the front chest and waist (CARGO POCKET). These designs of M65 can cope with the environment below 15 degrees to -5 degrees, and it can also be equipped with a dedicated liner , Woven with a blended fabric (polyester fiber and cotton), covered with a very thin layer of nylon cloth decorated with crisscross, forming a so-called padded jacket with first-class thermal performance.

For the needs of the U.S. military, M65 is produced in a single color olive green (OD), as well as a mold standard jungle camouflage (WOODLANDCAMOUFLAG). The early production is all OD color, and the U.S. armed forces wear this coat regardless of arms. Until 1983, all U.S. services gradually changed to M65 field coats.

The official name of the OD color M65 coat is COAT COLD WEATHER, the specification is MIL-C-43455, the official name of the shorter history camouflage M65 coat is COMBAT COAT WOODLAND CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN, and the specification is MIL-C-44048 (MIL is a military specification).
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