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The origin of the 50-style military uniform

by:XinXing     2020-08-30
On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was established, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army began to enter a new period of construction, from the original single service to the three major military services. In accordance with the requirements of the regularization of the army, the General Logistics Department organized specialized personnel to conduct research on the uniform standards and design new uniforms and cap badges. After Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De and other leading comrades personally examined and approved, on January 4, 1950, the People's Revolutionary Military Commission of the Central People's Government approved the implementation of the new uniforms. The '50-style' military uniform made our army unified the uniform style throughout the army for the first time.

Type 50 naval naval forces winter clothes.

Type 50 military uniforms are divided into cadres and fighters of the land, sea and air forces. The summer and winter clothes for army, navy and air force cadres are all made of cotton plain cloth. The military types are distinguished by the color of the clothing and the decoration of the hat badge. All military cadres and soldiers wear large brimmed hats in summer and cotton or leather caps in winter. Style: summer clothes, cadre jacket with stand-up lapel, single row of 5 buttons, two chest-cut pockets, with flaps, concealed buttons, Western-style trousers; soldier jacket with stand-up lapel, pullover, 3 buttons, two chest cuts Bag, embellished button, tight cuffs, western-style trousers; women's dress, stand-up lapel, pullover, 4 buttons, two chest pockets, tight cuffs, and shorts; winter clothes and cadre clothes styles are the same as summer clothes; soldiers Winter clothes styles are basically the same for cadres, except that the tops are digging pockets with exposed buttons, and the shoulders, crotch and knees are reinforced with padding; women’s military jackets have small lapels, double rows of 10 buttons, tight cuffs, western-style trousers, and waistbands. Opening; with cotton cap or leather cap. Army color: Both summer and winter uniforms are grass green. Navy clothing. Style: summer clothes, cadre jacket with stand-up collar, single row of 5 buttons, 4 digging pockets, flaps, western-style trousers; soldiers in sailor uniform, pullover, shawl collar, blue chest protector with 3 white lines, western-style trousers , The trousers are open on both sides; the female soldiers wear dresses and shorts, the style is the same as that of the army; military caps, cadres and female soldiers wear large brimmed hats, soldiers wear borderless sailor hats, and the outer gauze belt of the sailor hat wall is printed with 'China The words 'People's Navy'. Winter uniforms, cadres and Lu Qin soldiers' clothing styles are the same as cadres' summer uniforms, naval soldiers' uniforms are the same as sailors' summer uniforms, and female soldiers' uniforms are the same as army female soldiers' uniforms; cotton caps or leather caps are provided. Color: summer clothes are top white and bottom navy blue (ladies skirts are all navy blue), winter clothes are navy blue. Haiqin cadres and soldiers allotted gowns in the same style as their summer suits, all white, and made of fine canvas. Air force clothing. Style: The summer and winter uniforms for officers and soldiers are the same as those for navy officers. Color: cadres, soldiers, female soldiers, grass green jacket, dark blue pants. The army, navy, and air force wear uniform cockades and badges. The style of the cap badge is the same as the 'August 1st' military badge. That is, a red five-pointed star with golden yellow borders and a golden yellow 'August One' in the middle. (After 1951, the cap badges of navy and air force officers have the same style as the military emblem of this service, that is, the 'August One' military emblem is the main body. For the navy blue underlay with silver gray iron anchors and the sky blue underlay with golden yellow eagle wings). The badge is rectangular, with a white cloth base, and a red line frame around it. The black word 'Chinese People's Liberation Army' is printed on the front, and the column for the unit, title, name, and serial number is printed on the back. In August 1950, the Central Military Commission approved cadres above the army regiment and above the naval and air force battalions, air force paratroopers, naval naval forces, and sea school cadets. Improved the military appearance of some soldiers.
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