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The origin of the sea soul shirt

by:XinXing     2020-08-29

Sea soul shirt refers to the underwear worn by sailors of various countries, usually white and blue striped shirt, commonly known as navy shirt, also known as sea soul shirt. The meaning of the sea soul shirt is the vast sea and blue sky, and the sailors wear the Shanghai soul shirt even more energetic. During the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, naval vessels were often locked in harbors immobile, and large numbers of sailors came ashore to carry guns for battle. The Germans soon began to respect these opponents wearing sea soul shirts, they were not afraid of death, and they often exploded with powerful combat effectiveness.

The sea soul shirt worn by navy soldiers is generally believed to be related to the ocean. In fact, the birth of the sea soul shirt has nothing to do with the ocean.

British King Georg II went for a walk in Hyde Park, which was dedicated to horse riding and leisure for the British nobles. The king saw that the Duchess of Brefort was wearing the blue clothes that women often wear, with a white belt, and riding a white horse. The clothes were flowing with the wind, and the colors were very harmonious, elegant and unique. The king liked it.

The position of the British naval fleet in the British army is very important, and the king is very important. He returned to the palace and immediately summoned the navy officials and asked them to reform the navy uniforms, like the Duchess of Brefort, combining blue and white. The king's will is the decree. At the same time, this also caters to the desire of naval officers and soldiers to be dissatisfied with the current military uniforms and expect reform.

Prior to this, the British navy uniforms and colors were extremely inconsistent. Navy officers wear green or gray shirts and white or red trousers on their lower body; sailors wear infantry shirts, and their trousers are in various styles.

The British blue and white navy uniforms quickly spread among the navies of various countries.

By the 19th century, commercial crews in many countries followed suit. The blue and white sailor uniform, the sea soul shirt, born under the king's order, has been maintained to this day.

The classic styling of the movie Sea Soul. Many people say 'vintage' or 'retro'. In fact, the 'retro' is nothing more than the 'ancient' of the 1960s or 1980s.

In the mid-1960s, when I walked to the street and looked around, almost all young people and children wore sea soul shirts. The horizontal stripes with blue and white intervals can be seen everywhere. It is said that the sea soul shirt is the close-fitting clothing of the sailors of various countries. It is a white and blue striped shirt, which means the vast sea and blue sky. The sailors wear the sea soul shirt and look vigorous.

China used to film the movie 'Sea Soul', starring Zhao Dan and Wang Danfeng, dressed in a sea soul shirt. An eye-catching sea soul shirt gradually disappeared into the sunny cross street from near to far, and once fascinated so many beautiful girls with the romantic sentiment of carrying spring.

In those years, joining the army needed to go through the back door. It was the dream of countless boys and girls, and joining the Air Force and Navy could not even think of it. Therefore, the children preferred to wear sea soul shirts, which was considered the most fashionable at the time. Other clothes were considered exotic clothes. The sea soul shirts were nothing to blame, regardless of the lapel round neck. It is the expectation of countless children to have a sea soul shirt upper body. There were nursery rhymes in Xi'an:

The sea soul shirt has a large lapel, wool blue trousers, wide trouser legs, small white shoes, a big back, and a military cap is a cow.

The classic style of He Yonghai soul shirt In the 1990s, He Yong, one of the 'Three Masters of Magic Rock', appeared in front of music fans with a sea soul shirt. His sea soul shirt and red scarf quickly became the target of imitation of rock youth. After being popular for many years, the sea soul shirt has become one of the clothes in the closet that will never go out of style.

French fashion urchin Jean Paul Gaultier also took advantage of this Chinese retro element. This is not surprising, his name is always associated with the strangest fantasies: Madonna’s pointed corset, the future actress in Luc Besson’s film 'The Fifth Element', and the fullness of Almodovar’s movies Desire clothing...Of course, a sea soul shirt by Jean Paul Gaultier is naturally expensive-more than 1,000 yuan per piece.

The classic sea soul stripe and the retro-flared trousers of the backflow collide with the most fashionable sparkle. The original version of the sea soul shirt was thin after wearing it, and after wearing it, it became bigger and thinner after washing. Wear it directly in the summer and cover it casually in the winter. The blue bars can always go through everything and reach the eyeballs. The celebrities and big names also love the design sense of the sea soul shirt, and various interpretation versions are emerging one after another.
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