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The particularity of police equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-07
Police equipment is an indispensable equipment for police enforcement, but due to its special nature, my country has strict regulations on the use of police equipment. According to regulations, private purchases of police equipment must show a police officer's card and a certificate from the public security organ. It is not acceptable to rely on a personal ID card or a letter of introduction from a unit.
Recently, the reporter made an unannounced visit to a shop in Beijing that specializes in selling police equipment. During the unannounced visit, it was discovered that the words 'police equipment' were posted above the store. There are two flashing police lights at the door, which are particularly dazzling among the many shops. Afterwards, the reporter walked into the store as an ordinary customer. As soon as he walked in, two salespersons in police uniforms approached and asked the reporter what they wanted to buy.
The shop covers an area of ??about 20 square meters, and there are several police uniforms with police badges hanging on the north wall at the entrance of the shop. There is a row of glass showcases on the north and south sides. Inside the windows are various police equipment such as police electric batons, electric batons, police lights, tear gas, etc. The prices range from tens to hundreds of yuan. There was a constant flow of customers who came to the store to inquire. The reporter noticed that a business license and a copy of a permit issued by a department under the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau were placed in the window on the north side of the store, indicating that the operating company is The salesperson of Beijing Jiuzhou Huaan Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. said that the shop has been approved.
That evening, when the reporter called the store again to express his desire to buy electric batons, a clerk told the reporter that he could pick up the goods at any time by opening a letter of introduction from the unit. 'On the letter of introduction, you write that the company's security office needs to keep property, and now you come to your company to buy a baton.' The clerk said on the phone that a letter of introduction from an ordinary company is sufficient, and a public security agency certification is not necessary.
Anhua police equipment, as a professional police equipment manufacturer, will explain to everyone that police equipment is a relatively special product, especially handcuffs or products with police badges, which require a certificate from the Public Security Bureau before they can be purchased. It is illegal to equip products, so everyone must remember!
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