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The production of police equipment must comply

by:XinXing     2020-08-27

There are now more and more police equipment, from a single aspect to the current multi-faceted development, and there are more types of products, including forensic planing equipment, criminal investigation equipment, on-site inspection boxes, public security special police equipment, police protective equipment, etc. We are a multi-faceted manufacturer of police equipment, and we need national production standards.
The development of police equipment should strictly abide by the principles of obedience and service to the public security center, serve the public security business and serve the grassroots public security organs, and the two are the principles of improving combat effectiveness. The production of police equipment must constantly adapt to the trend of economic and social development, and face new problems with a series of public security work, the establishment of a new concept of police equipment development; on the other hand, it must continue to adapt to the judicial system and working mechanism The situation of reform, in the construction of police equipment, novelty and change to survive E, adapt to the modern police mechanism. It is also necessary to continuously improve production performance, improve safety, high-tech production, strong usability, and excellent police equipment performance.
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