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The public lacks common sense about military uniforms

by:XinXing     2020-06-19
Fake military scams occur frequently: the public has a superficial understanding of military uniforms and lacks common sense In recent years, military-themed film and television works have repeatedly hit screens and have a large number of stable audiences. However, due to the lack of norms, the costumes of the actors who played soldiers caused the netizens to complain. Netizens posted on the forum to point out the wrong dressing of military uniforms in film and television dramas: the right chest name plate and breast mark are upside down; the qualifications and military ranks are obviously not matched; the hat is a men's big brim hat, and the hats of female cadres and female soldiers are rolled eaves cap. How many illegal and criminal crimes use military uniforms to 'invisibility' ――Investigation of news investigations on the cases of posing as active soldiers Military uniforms are the first sign of a soldier's identity. The new military uniform is solemn and generous, and is popular among officers and soldiers and the masses. However, some criminals are seeing people's respect and trust for military personnel, love and enthusiasm for military uniforms, wearing military uniforms to pretend to be swindlers, desecrate and tarnish the image of military personnel, causing the masses of unknown truth to misunderstand the military and give the military Reputation has a bad social impact. There are frequent cases of impersonation of soldiers as swindles and cheating, although there are reasons for the victim's lack of awareness of prevention, but the 'invisible push' effect of military uniforms cannot be ignored. Where military uniforms come from, who is buying, who is selling, and how the masses deepen their understanding of military uniforms and enhance their awareness and ability to prevent impersonation of soldiers to swindle and deceive are the issues that relevant departments should seriously face. At the beginning of February, many domestic media reported that the under-20-year-old man Wang Mou pretended to be an officer and pretended to be an army leader, in order to help invest in military projects and apply for Beijing account registration, and defrauded the victim of nearly RMB 3 million. As soon as the news came out, public opinion was in an uproar. One is an unemployed youth, and the other is a white-collar white-collar worker in a legal profession. The result of the confrontation between 'fraud' and 'defense' was unexpected. According to the prosecutor of Beijing Fengtai Procuratorate, the reason why Wang Mou gained Ms. Li's trust is that Wang Mou wore a military uniform when they first met, and they looked and behaved like a soldier. Why the blind eye method succeeds frequently The author entered the keyword 'counterfeit military fraud case' on the Internet, and the search engine displayed more than 224,000 pieces of relevant information. Clicking on multiple pieces of information, it was found that the impersonation military fraud case involved all walks of life across the country. On February 5, 'Zhejiang Online' disclosed a case in which a girl posted fake military photos online and pretended to be a handsome military officer to defraud a girlfriend of 180,000 yuan; on February 6, CCTV's 'Law Online' column was exposed in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang. Criminals dressed in military uniforms peddled 'military products' to difficult households helped by the troops, and then impersonated soldiers to defraud money by borrowing money. Some typical cases are even more embarrassing. On January 18, CCTV's 'Today's Story' column broadcasted the program 'Stolen Identity', which described a case of a counterfeit military man drawn by theft: a stolen home in an owner of a community in Beijing, the police locked the suspect after investigation. After an in-depth investigation, it was discovered that Zhang was not only suspected of theft, but the identity of the soldier was actually false. What is even more surprising is that the wife who has been married to Zhang for 5 years and the child has been 3 years old knows nothing about her husband’s false identity. She has only been to her husband’s “work unit” once in 5 years, and she deeply believes in her husband’s military status. The suspicion largely originated from that military uniform. The arrogance and arrogance of criminal suspects are staggering. In early December 2013, the Public Security Bureau of Cangshan County, Shandong broke into five people wearing 'military uniforms' and held the 'Special Supervision Mechanism of the People's Republic of China' certificate. As soon as they entered the police station, they issued a 'Central Secret Order' and demanded that the police immediately release a Suspect in custody. From the point of view of the criminal suspect, with the military uniform, there are 'invisibility cloaks' and 'amulets' for illegal acts. Although they pretended to be calm and arrogant during the negotiation, they still could not conceal the illusion of identity, and were eventually captured on the spot. At the beginning of December last year, the Ningbo Military and Zhejiang Army jointly held a briefing on the case, announcing the official arrest of the 'Zhao Maolin' who roamed the six provinces. Since then, the incident of 'brother elder brother's proposal for thousands of miles' that has been heated up online has settled down. The reason why the incident was hot on the Internet was because the suspects defrauded many times, and all appeared in military uniforms without exception. Due to the lack of common sense in military uniforms, when criminals wearing military uniforms to defraud, the victims are often blinded by the 'good image' of fake military personnel, who believe in their identity. In fact, in the course of committing crimes, criminals can reveal many flaws only from military uniforms and logo clothing. In the case of 'Strong Breaking Police' in Cangshan, Shandong, the police suspected the criminal suspect because of the lack of qualification badges and name badges on his military uniform. In the 'Brother Bing's Proposal for a Thousand Miles of Proposals' incident, many netizens have repeatedly questioned that the 'Zhao Maolin' military uniform did not have a studded name tag or the name tag did not match the real name. However, because most of the victims had little knowledge of military uniform knowledge, the traps set by the criminals became deeper and deeper. How much do you know about this military uniform 'Military uniforms are the 'signs' of military personnel. The military has very detailed and strict regulations on military clothing. It is difficult for people without service experience to think carefully and do a good job in clothing. It is difficult for lawbreakers to pass through the dress code. In this sense, correctly identifying military uniforms is the first security barrier to prevent deception.' Wang Jinfu, political commissar of the Xuzhou Military Division, said. The author found in the investigation that the masses are not optimistic about the status quo of superficial understanding of military uniforms and lack of common sense. It is not difficult to explain why some criminals are so high-profile and arrogant and arrogant to dare to cheat in military uniforms in broad daylight. The author randomly interviewed 14 people on the street, involving civil servants, students, enterprise employees, and retirees. They generally felt that the current military uniforms were solemn, generous, and good-looking, and expressed strong interest in the logo clothing studded on the military uniforms. As a result, no one can completely and accurately describe the name and meaning of the logo apparel on the military uniform, let alone the internal connection between each logo apparel, the logo apparel and the officer’s card or ID card. On the whole, apart from the name plate and armbands, which are intuitive and clear, they can be understood at a glance, the masses have very limited knowledge of the logo apparel such as cap badges, collar flowers, military rank marks (shoulder badges, collar badges), breast badges, grade qualification badges, and national defense service badges. . The recognition rate of military clothing logo clothing from high to low is as follows: name tag, armband, military rank, seniority badge, collar flower, breast badge. Of the 14 people interviewed, 9 were able to correctly express the title and rank of military ranks, accounting for 64%. 7 people know that the level seal and the military age seal represent the duty level and the length of service respectively, accounting for 50%. 4 people can correctly identify the division, regiment, battalion, company (platoon) level seal, but no one understands the level qualification assembly , Nail requirements. Only two people can tell the difference between military (political, logistics, equipment) officer collar flowers and professional technical officers (civilian cadres) collar flowers, accounting for less than 15%. Only one person knew that the navy navy blue spring and autumn uniforms wear armbands, accounting for 7%. Random surveys have found that people generally understand the information on the adjustments and reforms of the 'seven major military regions to five major theaters' and the 'second artillery' to the Rocket Army. This has benefited from the timely and systematic publicity of the mainstream media. Surprisingly, one of the interviewed sons of the surnamed Zhu has been serving in the army for 4 years and is now an active non-commissioned officer, but her knowledge of military uniforms is not deeper than others. On the contrary, there are many misunderstandings . For example, with regard to the ranks of lieutenant and school officer, she expressed 'three cents, two cents, two', etc. As for the general rank, she expressed it as 'a few beans', and the rank of non-commissioned officer she expressed as 'several abductions.' The author finds that this kind of irregular call is more common in society. Who is buying and selling military uniforms In the various cases of impersonating soldiers bluffing and deceiving, the source of military uniforms gradually surfaced. In addition to the formal and legal channels, where did these military uniforms, which became blunders and 'deceptive pushers,' come from, and what are the ways of flowing into society? The author found that military uniform sales include both physical store direct sales and e-commerce online sales. Store direct sales are usually distributed around the military camps or the labor insurance market. Some direct sales stores are under the banner of 'military service agency', claiming that the factory direct sales, in fact, have nothing to do with the military or manufacturers. The merchants in the labor insurance market generally tell buyers directly that the military uniforms sold are counterfeit products. In addition, the chaotic phenomenon of online e-commerce military uniform sales is not optimistic, and online search for '07-style military uniform sales', related pages abound. Unlike physical stores, online merchants usually only talk about 'business' in the QQ group and WeChat group. They are indifferent to the source of the military uniforms sold, indicating that online merchants are aware of the illegality of selling military uniforms. Mr. Wu, who is in charge of marketing at the No. 3533 Factory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, told the author that manufacturers selling military uniforms must register with the military supervisory department. In order to purchase military uniforms from manufacturers, in addition to military-related units, it is also necessary to issue unit introduction letters and certification letters stating the purpose of military uniforms and management measures. Otherwise, it is impossible to buy genuine military uniforms from manufacturers. Judging from this, the military uniforms sold in the market are not genuine. The author combed and found that the illegal sales of military uniforms are more active, and are closely related to the actual needs of the military. In general, there are three major groups in military uniform demand in local areas. The first group is the freshmen who participate in military training. Before military training, most colleges and universities will adopt uniform purchase and student payment methods to equip participating students with training uniforms or old-fashioned military uniforms. After the military training was completed, some students threw away military uniforms or sold them at low prices, resulting in great waste, causing military uniforms to run out of control and flow directly into the society, increasing the risk of illegal crimes. The second largest group is the heavy manual labor. Mainly distributed in construction, engineering maintenance and other industries, most of them are centralized procurement and unified distribution by the company. Due to the low requirements on the style and quality of military uniforms, this part of the consumer group has become a 'heavy disaster area' where counterfeit and imitation military uniforms are popular. In addition, this group of people has insufficient knowledge of military uniforms and has a casual dress code, which seriously affects the perception of military uniforms. The third largest group is military fan groups. The survey found that the collection of military fans is not limited to old-fashioned military products, but also shows a strong interest in new military uniforms and logo apparel. If it is not controlled, the possibility of these 'collections' being used by criminals is not ruled out. Literacy and control, no one is less The author combed through the cases seen in the newspapers and found that in the case of swindling and deceit posing as soldiers, the lack of understanding of the military uniform among the masses is the main culprit of being cheated. In response, people inside and outside the army expressed the need to strengthen the popularization of military uniform knowledge. 'The military profession has always been respected by the society and trusted by the masses. When interacting with military personnel, people's dependence psychology often surpasses the awareness of prevention. However, the lack of common sense in the military uniforms of ordinary masses gives criminals an opportunity.' Fang Yi, Commander of Xuzhou Military Division Wang believes that relevant military and local departments should work closely together to promote common sense of military uniforms in a variety of ways, and help the masses of the people to prevent the impersonation of the soldiers by deceiving them. Cheng Xuejun, Chief of the Military Affairs Department of the 12th Group Army, believes that the army should change its ideology and conduct more military and local exchange activities such as 'Barracks Open Day' to allow the masses of people to enter the barracks, face the soldiers, and experience the barracks atmosphere while experiencing the life of the barracks. Understand military common sense and enhance anti-fraud ability. Experts said that the development of military knowledge and common sense, military film and television literary and artistic works can not be 'absent.' It is necessary to strengthen the review of military-themed film, television and literary works, ensure the standard of actors' dress, and reduce the misunderstanding and misunderstanding of the military uniforms by the people. In view of the fact that the military and police deceive money and deception, in particular, we must carry out precise propaganda for the masses who are not deeply involved in the world and have little awareness of prevention, and improve the targeted effectiveness of the popularization of military uniforms. In addition, the relevant management departments should also take the initiative to block military uniforms that flow into the market through informal channels and avoid being used by criminals. In fact, my country's current laws have clear, detailed, and strict regulations on military uniform management. Article 375 of the Criminal Law stipulates that the illegal production and sale of clothing of the armed forces shall be punishable by imprisonment, detention or control of not more than three years, and be punished with a single fine. In 2009, the 'Regulations on the Administration of Military Uniforms' jointly promulgated and implemented by the State Council and the Central Military Commission not only regulated in detail the supervision, contracting, transportation and sales of military uniforms and logo apparel, but also imposed restrictions on the purchase of military uniforms. Among them, Article 11 stipulates that the standard clothing and logo clothing of government agencies, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations shall be clearly distinguished from military uniforms. It is prohibited to produce, sell, purchase and use imitations made in the style and color of military uniforms that are sufficient for the public to be regarded as military uniforms. In addition, as can be seen from the provisions of the 'Regulations', anyone who buys, sells, rents, or lends or gives military uniforms without authorization can be regarded as illegal. Zhu Zhiqiang, political commissar of the People’s and Military Department of Quanshan District in Xuzhou City, believes that the management of military uniforms requires military and local cooperation, joint participation, continuous force, and normal supervision, and strengthens the control of military uniforms in production, supply, sales, use, and management. Maintain the high-pressure situation of combating the illegal sale of military uniforms, and cut off the “illegal chain” that swindles and swindles wearing military uniforms from the source. Some experts believe that military uniform control must adhere to multiple measures and take a multi-pronged approach. First of all, for the problem of difficulty in obtaining evidence and cracking down on online sales, the online sales platform should be included in the scope of supervision, not only to hold the online merchants accountable, but also to hold the sales platform out of control. Second, the government network supervision department should strengthen network monitoring, promptly block the sale of illegal information on military uniforms, and provide information technology support for the joint investigation and punishment between the military and the ground. Third, while severely cracking down on illegal sales of military uniforms, it also focused on cracking down on the 'buyer' market and increased penalties for illegal purchases and wearing military uniforms. Fourth, it is necessary to introduce a social supervision mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the people in the management of military uniforms, promptly discover and report the illegal sales of military uniforms, cooperate with military uniform management special rectification actions, and effectively curb the current illegal production and sales in society Wearing
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