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The raincoat of the Chinese army can shelter from rain

by:XinXing     2020-09-04
Military raincoat fabric has excellent waterproof and breathable performance and windproof and warmth retention. It not only has outstanding performance, but also has the advantages of wide application range, flexible design and low pollution. The structure of the laminated fabric The laminated fabric can adopt different structural designs and composite layers according to the needs of the end use. The two-layer composite can be a combination of fabric and film with a living lining structure; or a combination of rico and film with a living surface structure, which is easy to wash and is suitable for civilian sportswear and cold-proof clothing. The three-layer composite is a composite of fabric, film and rico. Although it feels a little harder, it can improve abrasion resistance and is suitable for army combat uniforms and labor protective clothing. Four-layer or multi-layer composite can increase the functionality of the laminated fabric, as an anti-virus material for the gas resistance layer, liquid resistance layer, and far-infrared cotton thermal insulation materials. Both the noodles and rico fabrics should have a certain density to prevent the phenomenon of glue seepage. In order to control the total weight of the laminated fabric, fine denier, super fine denier polyester or nylon should be used as far as possible for the surface and lining.

According to the application requirements, the noodles can also use camouflage, flame retardant, anti-static, oil and water repellent, easy to remove, acid and alkali resistance and other functional fabrics. Application of waterproof and breathable fabric PTFF waterproof and breathable laminated fabric was first developed for the production of military uniforms and protective clothing, and then used for sportswear. In the manufacture of tents and other items, the application fields are still expanding. For air force pilots, navy soldiers, and special forces, the drop in body temperature caused by sudden immersion in cold water is one of the important factors causing casualties. The US military has designated waterproof and breathable clothing as Air Force pilots. Special anti-riot clothing for crews and special forces performing sea, land and air operations.

This kind of clothing can provide up to 2 hours of protection in cold water at a temperature of 7 degrees, and is light and comfortable to wear. The main technical performance requirements of military raincoats are good waterproof and breathable functions and light weight. The PTFE microporous composite fabric not only solves the contradiction between air permeability and waterproof, but also reduces the weight of the raincoat, thereby effectively reducing the load of the soldiers. For fire fighting clothes, woven aramid fabric is used for the surface, PTFE is used for the film, and aramid knitted fabric is used for rico, and the mixture is a phosphorous polyurethane. Improve the comfort of wearing protective clothing. Military light tents require rainproof, flame-retardant, anti-aging, etc., and PTFE film materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance, so PTFE laminated fabric can be used. Sleeping bags require warmth, breathability, light weight, etc. Based on the characteristics of PTFE microporous membrane laminated fabric, it adopts a double-layer structure, the outer layer is nylon fabric, and the inner layer is P afternoon FE film. There is no danger of hypoxia and carbon monoxide poisoning when the sleeping bag is used.

You know, it can also be used as a simple protective equipment for biological and chemical warfare. It also protects against cold and warmth, and acts as a sleeping bag.
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