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The reason why military training put sanitary

by:XinXing     2020-05-01
During military training, we always put a sanitary napkin in the shoes, many people will be puzzled, so do you know why military training pads in the shoes? Let's take a look at related content with the editor of Sanba Women's Network. Why do military training put sanitary napkins in shoes Relieve foot discomfort During military training, putting a sanitary napkin in the shoe is to make the foot feel more comfortable, because we often encounter the need to stand in a military position, one hour is one hour, when the center of gravity of the body is fully pressed on the foot , The blood will all pile up together, and the soles of the shoes are still very hard, so many people will have special pain in their feet after standing, but as long as a sanitary napkin is placed inside the shoes, there is a feeling of stepping on cotton candy. Relieve the discomfort of standing for a long time. Breathable and dry The reason for padding sanitary napkins in military training shoes is that sanitary napkins can absorb sweat from the feet and keep the inside of the shoes always dry, so that even during military training with increased sweating, there is no need to be afraid of beriberi. Why do military training put sanitary napkins in shoes Which sanitary napkin is suitable for padding in shoes Thicker sanitary napkins are more suitable. When we choose the sanitary napkins in the shoes, we should pay attention to that the ultra-thin type is not suitable. The pads are the same as those without the pads. When buying, be sure to see the treatment. The thicker the sanitary napkin, the more the foot will be. If you do n’t know, you can consult the shopping guide. image.png What to pay attention to in the sanitary napkin pad shoes Do not stick to the sole. The sanitary napkin should never tear the side with the glue layer and stick directly to the sole of the shoe, because the bottom of the shoe has no adhesion, even if it sticks inside, it will come out as soon as you exercise, and it will be embarrassing. The bottom of the sock will be better, and the contact force with the cotton sock will increase. What to pay attention to in the sanitary napkin pad shoes Summary: I hope you can buy the correct sanitary napkins and put them on your shoes to spend a peaceful and happy military training time.
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