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The role of body armor on the battlefield

by:XinXing     2020-05-23
Many people may think that wearing bulletproof vests on the battlefield is safe. In fact, this concept appeared when the bulletproof vests first entered the market. People lacked the concept of bulletproof vests, thinking that bulletproof vests could prevent any bullets from threatening the whole body. In fact, body armor is a kind of single body protection that protects human deadly organs (mainly heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and some neck, shoulder and crotch) from projectiles such as high-speed fragments and bullet Outfit. Among them, the predecessor is the key point to be protected, because the war is mainly face-to-face shooting, and sometimes the protection performance is improved by inserting a shield on the front chest. Moreover, each body armor has a certain level of protection. It can be seen that the main function of the body armor is only to improve the survival probability of frontline combatants, and it is by no means a universal product on the battlefield. Even if you wear body armor, you may be hit outside the protected area, and you may also be hit by a bullet higher than its protection level. In these cases, the body armor appears helpless. However, body armor can really reduce the casualty rate on the battlefield. According to survey statistics, the fragmentation injuries of artillery, grenades, rockets, grenades and mines on the modern battlefield have gradually increased, accounting for 67% to 75% of the total casualties. In addition, among the killed, the deadly parts of the head, chest, and abdomen The hits accounted for 82% to 87%, far exceeding the death rate of the limbs being hit. Wearing body armor can reduce the injury rate by 27% and the death rate by 40%. Today, with the increasing popularity of protective equipment, it is necessary to correct people's misunderstandings and to have a comprehensive understanding of it. I hope that some of the opinions mentioned in this article can also be used directly or indirectly for other human body protection products.
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