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by:XinXing     2020-06-19
Due to the intensity of training tasks and the long wearing time, officers and soldiers often encounter the problem of damage to military uniforms, shoes and other clothing. Especially for shoes, if there is a hole or glue problem, you can’t wear it, and it’s too much time to go out for repairs, which is really a headache... But on this day, the officers and soldiers of a brigade of the Air Force Radar in the Western Theater are very happy because they Waiting for the service technician team of military equipment manufacturers. When they came to the barracks, they could not take a sip of hot water, and the technicians started a 'guy thing' to start. Some of the officers and soldiers who came from the news were holding military coats, some carrying combat boots, and some carrying training shoes, waiting in an orderly queue. Master Wang, who is repairing shoes, is from Hebei. While repairing shoes, he teased with the officers and soldiers: 'Military products make you look like this. It's really awful!' But rest assured, I will let it be reborn. Technology has nothing to say!' To repair the installed officers and men, the guard company has the largest number of brothers. Their training intensity is usually high, and once the strong military products are on the upper body, they can't resist the high-intensity 'toss.' But even if they are worn out, they still store them carefully until they renew the 'new outfit', which may be a feeling! Yang Jie, the deputy company commander of the guard company leading the team, was very emotional: these military uniforms accompanied him to train every day and witnessed their own growth. Now they are able to ``see each other again, rebirth'', we are very happy! ' The technicians of the manufacturer not only help you repair the quilts, but also pass on the gifts. It is easy to open the line in military uniforms, how to wash coats, how to maintain and dry shoes, etc., to teach Wei Li knowledge. Seeing the officers and soldiers interested in asking, the factory technicians unreservedly passed on the repair methods of various military uniforms and shoes to the officers and soldiers. Master Wu, an older technician, has rich experience, and the process of changing military uniforms is meticulous, and he tells everyone how to repair small defects such as broken clothes. Putting on his changed military uniform, the officers and soldiers were all happy to talk. Cao Bin, the company commander of the security company, said that there were a few recruits in the company in the past few years. When he first arrived, he was overweight and all of them were fat. After a few months of hard work, all of them became strong men. What should I do if I have a good figure but my clothes are not fit? I had to take it to the tailor shop outside to get thinner. After the clothes were taken back, everyone joked: 'Is it comfortable to wear clothes that don't take a ride?' 'Then you use it, at least it's convenient for activities!' Everyone, if you say anything to me, take this as a 'burden' '' The guard company sergeant squad leader Wang Jian joked: ''The new three years and the old three years, the seam patching is another three years'. We will continue to inherit this kind of hard and simple tradition. Moreover, the skills of the masters are all sloppy, No problem!' Time passed quickly, and it was almost noon, and the officers and men's damaged quilts were all new. Chen Peng, assistant to the brigade's support department responsible for the event, told the author that, like this kind of military service, they will continue to carry out activities to bring convenience to officers and soldiers, and to solve worries for everyone is the purpose of the security department to serve officers and soldiers. In the afternoon, the officers and men of the guard were full of spirit, wearing the uniforms and shoes that had just been 'refurbished'. I was able to fight side by side with my old friends again. Everyone was very happy, shouting a powerful slogan and striding towards the training ground with great strides.
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