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The U.S. military only has the same dress as the U.S. flag

by:XinXing     2020-06-17
The U.S. Marine Corps dress is the most historically uniform, least modified, most distinctive, and dazzling military uniform in the U.S. military uniform. It is also the only dress that takes the color of the American flag. Its iconic blue coat and red trim The mix goes back to the 19th century. The US Marine Corps dresses are divided into four categories: blue dresses, blue and white dresses, evening dresses and orchestra dresses. Marine orchestra dress Blue dress The blue dress is the most common and representative of the Marine Corps dresses. It is often seen in US military recruitment advertisements. It is equivalent to the evening dress in the Western civil ceremonial dress system. The blue dress is divided into A, B, C, D four type. Among them, type A dresses have the strictest wearing specifications and restrictions, and the wearing requirements of type B, C and D are relatively loose. The trousers of the four blue dresses are sky blue dress trousers, and scarlet 'blood lines' of different widths are sewn on the outer trousers of the trouser legs. The bloodline width of the general officer is about 5.1 cm, the bloodline width of the lieutenant officer is about 3.8 cm, and the bloodline width of the noncommissioned officers and senior noncommissioned officers is about 2.86 cm. The styles of various blue dresses are introduced as follows. Marine Corps Type A regular service Marine Corps Type B regular service Marine Corps C-type blue dress Blue and white dress Before 1998, blue and white dresses were only allowed to be worn by the ceremonial units of the Huafu camp (the most famous of which were the honor guard and the flag guard). After 1998, the dress was authorized to be worn as a summer dress for all officers and senior non-commissioned officers to replace the official summer white dress officially abolished in 2000. In certain social or celebration occasions, according to the requirements of superiors, ordinary non-commissioned officers and soldiers can also wear this dress. Blue and white dresses are divided into A and B types, and the difference between the two is exactly the same as the difference between A and B types in all-blue dresses. Type A blue and white dresses also have strict dress codes and restrictions. Marine Corps Type B Blue Dress evening dress Evening gowns are the most formal and exquisite Marine Corps gowns, equivalent to Western folk tuxedos, and are only distributed to military officers and senior non-commissioned officers (SNCO) for national gatherings, inaugural receptions/banquets, and formal banquets. There are three types of evening dresses. A-type officer's evening gown The A-type officer's evening gown has a contrasting stand-up collar design with sleeves, a white shirt lined with a white waistcoat and embossed placket. The scarlet scarlet was embroidered on the gold trim on the dark blue dress pants. A-type female officer evening dresses include scarlet lapel top coats, white dress shirts, red wide belts, and long skirts. Both men and women officers wear small medals and badges. A blue cape with scarlet silk lining is optional. Type B officer evening dress Type B officer evening dress differs from type A in that male generals need to wear a scarlet vest inside, other officers wear red wide belts, and female officers wear short skirts. Senior Sergeant Evening Gown Men's senior non-commissioned officers wear half-fitting evening gowns (short tops) with military badges featuring the characteristics of the 1790s on the sleeves, paired with black bow ties and sky blue trousers. Except for the lack of cuffs and ranks, the rest of the female senior non-commissioned evening gowns are the same as the female official evening gowns. Senior men and women non-commissioned officers wear small medals and badges. Senior Sergeant Evening Gown, Female Officer A Evening Gown, General Officer B Evening Gown, Male Officer A Evening Gown (Cape Style), Male Officer B Evening Gown There are two types of dresses for marine orchestras: musician dresses and conductor dresses. Among them, the musician's dress is a scarlet jacket with blue stripes embedded in it, and the bottom is white trousers; the orchestra conductor wears a blue dress.
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