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The US Marine Corps' 'great guys' rule is over

by:XinXing     2020-06-18
According to a report by Fox News on November 7, all marines can now hold umbrellas when it rains. This change ends the Marines’ long tradition of prohibiting the use of umbrellas. According to the US Task & Purpose website, Marine Corps Commander General David Berg told reporters at the Pentagon recently: 'Umbrellas are a good choice.' This new policy applies to navy in regular clothes or dresses. Fighters. According to reports on the website, the latest news from the US Marine Corps said: 'Under bad weather, marines in ordinary clothes or dresses can choose to carry an all-black ordinary umbrella or a folding umbrella.' Previously, only female marines were allowed to use umbrellas while wearing regular clothes or dresses, and asked them to support the umbrella with their left hand so that they could salute with their right hand. The US Army, Navy, and Air Force all allow service personnel to use umbrellas under certain conditions. But marines in camouflage combat uniforms still need to rain. According to U.S. military website reports, this policy change occurred after an investigation of the Marine Corps in April. Some people say that umbrellas look more professional than getting wet, others say that because uniforms are expensive, changes are needed. One respondent wrote that washing down uniforms in the rain is a financial burden for marines with a minimum wage.
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