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There are so many 'magic' in military combat boots

by:XinXing     2020-03-25
As we all know, the life in the army is busy, and every day is about three to three. Training grounds, canteens, and dormitories are mainly based on training every day. It is not unreasonable that every person in the army can be tempered for several years and become stronger. It is precisely because of the rigorous training of the troops that this has changed. For every soldier, clothes and shoes are important. China's military uniforms and military boots have also changed over the years. For example, liberation shoes, which were very popular in the past, were popular all over the country at that time, and most people used these shoes as fashion. What are the differences between the soldiers ’training shoes in the army today? Soldiers' combat boots are called 'Land Rover' on their feet. Many people know that 'Land Rover' is a famous off-road vehicle in the world, so why use this famous car as a metaphor for combat boots on your feet? The original combat boots of the brother have a lot of magic. Combat boots, one of the elder brother's military boots, are also indispensable shoes. The earliest combat boots in the world originated from the Roman Empire. Modern combat boots were first developed by the US military. China probably started to develop and equip combat boots in 1997. Over the years, PLA combat boots have also been developed and improved. What is the difference between combat boots and ordinary boots? For elder brother Bing, the usefulness of combat boots is great, and those who have been soldiers will certainly understand. There are special treatments inside the combat boots. They do not wear on the feet, and they rarely have the discomfort of sweating. The material is made of leather, which is very strong and durable. In the wild, wearing combat boots can also be non-slip and wear-resistant. If it is in a wet rain forest, or if it is stepped over a place with water, it will not get water in the shoes, and the waterproof performance is also very good. Combat boots can also support the lower leg and protect the ankle. In the wild, there are many mosquitoes, and the sturdy combat boots also prevent the soldiers from hurting their ankles. What's more, wearing combat boots on your feet is not cool. Not only has a powerful function, but also a high value. With so many amazing things, no wonder it is called 'Land Rover on Foot'!
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