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by:XinXing     2020-08-25
Hello everyone, I am the auxiliary police chief.

In summer, it was possible that the sky was still clear just now, and in a blink of an eye it was covered with dark clouds, and if you were not careful, you would be drowned.

The weather is changeable, so how can you get professional and safe rainproof equipment when you are on duty outdoors.

Compared with the two rainproof equipment, umbrella and raincoat, raincoat has the advantages of more comprehensive protection surface, free hands, and higher safety with reflective strip design. It is more favored by first-line auxiliary police.

Today, the auxiliary sheriff recommends a [special extended raincoat] from Shu Mijia. The front and rear reflective strips are designed to prevent wind and rain and perform outdoor duties safely.

Recommended reason:

1. Longer raincoat, more comprehensive protection;

2. The front and rear reflective strip design makes the road surface safer;

3. The surface of the fabric and the surface of the lotus leaf have the same water repellent principle, which can easily shake off raindrops;

4. Wear-resistant technical fabric, breathable and moisture-permeable without being stuffy;

5. LOGO can be customized independently for your raincoat.

Longer raincoat, more comprehensive protection

Compared to short raincoats, the assistant police chief prefers this long windbreaker style. Its protective surface is more complete, eliminating the trouble of wearing short rain pants, and you can walk on it.

If there is no water on the road, you don't even need to change your rain boots. It can be said that it is the most convenient rainproof equipment for duty on rainy days. There is no one!

Front and rear reflective strips, safer in rainy days

When it rains, the driver’s vision becomes very poor when driving on the road. The raincoat is equipped with reflective strips on the front and back, which can greatly increase the recognition and improve travel safety.

Bright silver reflective strip, pearly bright silver, good reflection effect, long visual distance.

Technical fabric, waterproof and breathable

The Oxford woven fabric has a coating sealant on the surface, which has the same water-repellent function as the surface of the lotus leaf. The rain does not stay, drips on the top and shakes it off.

If you wear a raincoat in the summer, don't feel bored like a plastic sheet. The breathable and moisture-permeable technical fabric, the surface waterproof value is 10000mmH2O, and the air permeability reaches 12000g/m2/24Hr, which is truly waterproof and breathable inside.

Double placket, windproof and rainproof

After the rain, the temperature is relatively low. The raincoat is designed with large and small double plackets, which can keep out the rain and wind.

Flip pockets, rainproof and not afraid of getting wet

Hidden flip pockets, put mobile phones, wallets, walkie-talkies and other items into them without worrying about getting wet, which solves the problem that windbreaker raincoats are not easy to carry with you.

Hidden rain hat, beautiful and practical

The rain cap is equipped with a zipper extension, a large rain cap can be changed, and a rain hat brim is provided. Hidden design, can be put into the collar when not in use, beautiful and practical.

Velcro cuffs, rainproof and stylish

The cuffs of the raincoat are designed with Velcro, which can adjust the size and tightness, which is rainproof and stylish.

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