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Three basic principles for managing single police

by:XinXing     2020-09-17
'Personal use, centralized management, and loss of conceit' are the three measures taken by the police security office of a public security sub-bureau for the management of individual police equipment. The bureau is equipped in a timely manner, everything goes with people, and in accordance with the principle of 'guaranteeing practicality and serving actual combat', all the police are equipped with all necessary equipment and equipped with optional equipment as needed; strict systems and strengthened management are required. All departments are required to designate dedicated personnel to store and keep single police equipment in a centralized manner, establish and improve single police equipment acquisition and maintenance accounts, and resolutely prevent the loss or damage of single police equipment due to improper management; strengthen training and guide civilian police to use, Dare to use, strictly use 'single police equipment. Carry out the actual operation and application of single police equipment in a timely manner, so that the police can know, dare to act, and accurately when facing various law enforcement sites, and effectively improve the ability of the police to use the single police equipment in accordance with the law, legally and reasonably, and the actual application level.
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