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To reveal the 'connotation' of Gu'an explosion-proof

by:XinXing     2020-06-26
Speaking of explosion-proof blankets, I believe everyone is familiar with it, but you may know more about its 'appearance'. Today, Xinxing will reveal the 'connotation' of Gu'an explosion-proof blanket for everyone. After you understand it, you will know that Xinxing explosion-proof blanket is veritable. Strength faction. Let us first talk about the principle and technical performance of Xinxing explosion-proof blanket: (1) Xinxing explosion-proof blanket is a blanket-shaped explosion-proof equipment made of high-strength bullet-proof fiber after special processing. The jacket of the explosion-proof blanket is wear-resistant and waterproof. The most important thing is that the explosion-proof blanket can replace the bulky sandbag of the original explosion-proof tank to block the shock wave and debris generated when the explosives explode. Used for isolation and protection of explosives. (2) The weight of general anti-explosion blankets against TNT is about 50g, and the protection level of Xinxing anti-explosion blankets can reach 70g TNT, and the personnel are not injured within 1 meter. Therefore, the Xinxing explosion-proof blanket has effectively given us a full sense of security.
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