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Top List of Cars That Attract The Most Speeding

by:XinXing     2020-10-04

The saying that not all are created equal must be nearer to the truth for cars. ISO Quality Planning came out recently with a survey of cars that get the most incidence of tickets. Knowing that your car belongs to the list should be a concern for you, as insurance companies spot premiums from risks ranking of car's vulnerability to accidents and violations. Would you like to know how your car fares in the ticket-hungry category? We think it's better to give you the bad news first. Then as you read along, anticipate the good news. So check out below what ISO Quality Planning's survey found out.TOP 10 Most Ticket-Hungry Cars - This is a list of the 10 top cars MOST likely to get pull over for speeding.1. Hummer H2 The Hummer H2 is a massive-built, wider-than-average track vehicle. It appeals both to drivers who need a general purpose and an off-road vehicle. If the lion is the king of the jungle, this is certainly the king of the urban jungle with its bold, imposing looks. But it seems, the Hummer H2 is also king on every cop's list.2. Scion tC Designed to appeal to the younger generation of today, Toyota's Scion tC, makes it to the top police list of attention-hungry cars. This could be linked to the higher-risk driver category of those behind its wheel.3. Scion xB The xB is a 4-door, 5-passenger wagon which also has a strong appeal to younger drivers, like the Scion tC. Like its sleeker kin, Scion xB is a vehicle chased by tickets and violations.4. Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Having a Mercedes, any model for that matter is enough to make you one notch up above lesser mortals. So, who cares if you get a few traffic violations for this baby?5. Toyota Solara Coupe On the top 5 of the most ticketed vehicle is the Toyota Solara Coupe. The Solara is a 2-door, up to 5-passenger family coupe, or convertible. While it is not generally known for its road performance, it never fails to catch the fancy of fines and tickets.6. Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG The Mecedes Benz CLS63 AMG is another performance car that is worth unending ooh's and aah's. With a fast record on the road, its no wonder this machine is eye candy for the cops.7. Scion xA The Scion xA, a five-door hatchback subcompact makes it to the 7th in the list of ticket-hungry cars. Toyota also designed it for the generation Y crowd, but it was surprisingly a hit as well with 30-ish drivers and beyond in a country known for its population's preference for massive, imposing cars.8. Subaru Outback Subarus are sport utility vehicles known to be a grocery shopping favorite of yuppies. But the Subaru seem to be up for more action than just picking up the goods from the store, as it figures in the top 8 of attention-hungry cars.9. Audi A4 Audi A4 ranks up in the list of 10 attention-hungry cars. While it is often seen behind Mercedeses and BMWs, in America it seems to have a high standing in the attention list of cops.10. Toyota Matrix This 4-door, 5-passenger wagon is praised for its stylish design in the SUV category. Clearly a cop-stopper, the Toyota Matrix, landing on the 10th most attention hungry cars in the US, unquestionably yank it up with the rest of the cars fetching high auto insurance premiums. And now the good news. If your car is not in the list above, it might be down here. Or if you are planning to buy a car soon, then getting one of these below are good bets for your purchase.

TOP 10 Attention-Sloth Cars - This is a list of the 10 top cars LESS likely to get pull over for speeding.1. Jaguar XJ If the list above gave you an idea that performance and luxury cars normally rack it up in the cop-favorites list, then you're wrong. The Jaguar XJ, with its cushy interior and impeccable road performance, is the most attention-sloth cars in the US, at least for violations.2. Chevrolet Suburban This 4-door, 9-passenger sport-utility was designed to carry people or tow trailers. It is no candidate then for a speed demon, which explains perhaps its presence in the least-. So it's not surprising to see it on the list of least-ticketed cars.3. Chevrolet Tahoe Despite bearing a similar exterior with the Hummer H2, the Tahoe is one of the most insurance-friendly car there is, given that it is in top of the list of cars that pass by police screens.4. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 it pays when your car was designed for its towing capabilities rather than its might on racing games. The Silverado is one of them, and this is validated by its appearance in the list of being less of a cop magnet.5. Buick Park Avenue Buick has recently revamped its designs to show slicker varieties. But the Park Avenue, although discontinued, made the brand strongly associated with a more mature set of drivers known less for their risk-taking behavior than with their careful driving nature. No wonder Park Avenue is number 5 in this list.6. Mazda6 If you prefer sporty sedans and yet abhor too much attention from the cops, then Mazda6 is for you. Being in both worlds is a rarity in the auto scene; so, you have to definitely check it out.7. Buick Rainier Like the Park Avenue, Buick has discontinued Buick Rainier. But even then, before it became a 'museum piece', the Rainier was one of the least-ticketed cars there is.8. Oldsmobile Silhouette if you belong to the generation of the previous decade or so, then this minivan might not be within your radar. But this takes the 8th place of the least attention-hungry cars in the US.9. Buick Lucerne A luxury but affordable car, the Buick Lucerne reaps more benefits for you in the longer run. Being one of the least ticketed car in the country, this one is an insurance premium raise stopper.10. GMC Sierra 1500 A truck engineered for towing and hauling heavy loads, the GMC Sierra is the rugged choice for you. And it is also a dependable vehicle as it turns up in the top ten cop attention-sloth cars in the US.

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