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Tracking the 'actual details' of a raincoat

by:XinXing     2020-08-28
Border guards patrolled in new raincoats. Photo by Hu Qiang

On the vast plateau, the rain keeps falling.

The duty officer reminded: 'Such inclement weather will last for one day. Please keep warm and moisture-proof. Wear a new-style raincoat for outdoor activities.'

A 'new' character divides the period of 'being installed in service'. Not long ago, 38 newly developed patrols were installed at the border, including new raincoats.

Wang Yisong, the company commander of the first company of a synthetic brigade of the Tibet Military Region, sounded the training assembly call. At this time, the plateau at an altitude of more than 4,300 meters is full of wind and rain. The prudent approach in the past was to go back to the room to avoid the wind. But Company Commander Wang took the lead in putting on the new raincoat and insisted on training in the rain and fog.

How about the moisture resistance of the new raincoat? What kind of dressing experience will officers and soldiers have? The reporter followed all the way, straightening the question mark.

There is no worse weather than this--

With wind and rain, the company's officers and soldiers traveled through unfamiliar areas for a day, muddy and damp. In the past, everyone has already become a 'soup chicken', and lighting a fire during rest periods has become a special sight.

During this expedition, no one in the company withdrew from the drill early due to physical discomfort, and the officers and soldiers reached the point with high spirits. 'The new raincoat is really not bad. My underwear is not wet at all.' said Li Jiang, a soldier who joined the patrol after he recovered from his illness. 'The previous raincoat has relatively poor moisture resistance. In this kind of weather, it can block up to an hour.'

'The new raincoat has not only improved moisture resistance, but also is light and comfortable.' Sergeant Wang Meng is a 'beautiful fan'. He knows more about the characteristics of the new raincoat, and opened his mouth to say a bunch of technical attributes. 'How many settings does this raincoat have? A vent can generate a circulating air flow inside the raincoat and improve heat dissipation efficiency.'

That's it. Traditional raincoats are densely made, which makes it difficult for officers and soldiers to dissipate heat during sprinting, rushing, or other high-intensity training. Now with the heat dissipation function, the comfort of the new raincoat is greatly enhanced. 'In the past, we braved the rain and snow to engage in training, and our bodies were wet and slimy.' Wang Meng said.

The blue side appeared without any signs.

The rain was getting smaller, and there was a sharp gunshot in front of him. Company Commander Wang immediately organized a counterattack...

After some fighting, the entire company came to a close. Company Commander Wang found that everyone had crossed the fire barrier, but their clothes were almost intact.

'The raincoat on my body is not only moisture-proof, but also anti-baking.' Sergeant Guo Guangke lowered his head and sniffed the raincoat, and found no smell. He was worried, and wiped his left and right sleeves alternately with his hands, and excitedly said the result of the experience.

In the past, raincoats were mostly made of plastic materials and could not withstand the 'baking inspection' of war. The new raincoats now issued are closer to actual combat and can be called the 'battlefield upgrade' of military raincoats.

Wang Huaikuan, an assistant of the Security Department of the Tibet Military Region, 'dissected' the new raincoat and said that it had undergone gratifying changes from the inside to the outside: 'The warp-knitted mesh fabric is used as the inner layer in many parts to prevent the smooth surface of the membrane from contacting the body and causing discomfort. More importantly, anti-combustion materials are added to both the inner and outer layers, which have a fireproof function.'

Company commander Wang led the team to continue maneuvering.

The opponent is cunning and difficult, pressing hard every step.

Company Commander Wang was not a vegetarian either. They cleverly threw off their 'tails' at Sanchakou and quickly disappeared into the rolling hills.

The blue commander climbed onto a large rock and searched with a high-powered telescope, but still couldn't find where they were hiding.

'This new type of raincoat has added special materials such as radiation protection and anti-reconnaissance, and has good camouflage effectiveness.' Company Chief Wang introduced.

The reporter also learned that for the first time, this raincoat has a split design. The jacket and trousers are separated, which is practical and useful, and is no different from training clothes. In particular, it has added a free extension function, and officers and soldiers can adjust to the appropriate size according to their body, thereby avoiding bloated or restrained.

Dress to see the spirit. The reporter found that this concept is conducive to patrols on duty and service preparations for war. This concept has quietly penetrated into the design details of the common quilt of military raincoats-military features are more distinct and combat readiness attributes are more prominent.
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