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Types of single police equipment and order of wearing

by:XinXing     2020-09-20
Single police equipment refers to the basic personal equipment equipped by the police in various types of police during duty, law enforcement and other tasks. It has basic functions such as rescue, protection, restraint, uniform, killing, and communication. According to its different

Functions can be divided into six categories:
1. Iconic equipment
Mainly refers to people's police uniforms and police ranks. It symbolizes national power and symbolizes professional identity.
2. Uniform equipment
It is the equipment used by the police to uniform, restrict and restrain criminal suspects during their duties. Including guns, batons, handcuffs, tear gas jets, etc.
3. Emergency equipment
It is an emergency equipment used by the police to respond to injurious accidents or emergency situations such as rescue and rescue during service activities. Including glare flashlights, police standard knives and first aid kits.
4. Protective equipment
The protective equipment used by the police to protect and ensure the personal safety of the police. Including cut-resistant gloves, stab-resistant clothing, etc.
5. Communication equipment
Communication equipment used to ensure communication between civilian police and civilian police, and between civilian police and commanders. Including walkie-talkie and police pass, etc.
6. Auxiliary equipment
It is used to load and wear various police equipment and auxiliary equipment to meet the drinking water needs of civilian police in service activities. Including multifunctional belts, police equipment bags and police water bottles.

The products listed above belong to single police equipment, so what is the wearing order when wearing so many products? Single police equipment should be easily stored and worn according to the basic requirements of the task. The following are the products produced by our company. The order from left to right is handcuffs, walkie-talkie, tear gas jet, first aid kit or police pass, police water bottle, swing stick, pistol, and bright flashlight.
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