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Under what circumstances can police equipment be used?

by:XinXing     2020-09-23
Police equipment is a weapon used by the police to protect themselves and the personal safety of the masses. Due to its particularity, it cannot be used in any situation. So under what circumstances can police equipment be used? Relevant departments publicly solicited opinions a few days ago and made the following regulations. Let's study it with Anhua police equipment!

People's police may use police equipment if the warning is invalid in any of the following situations:
(1) Committing an act that seriously endangers national security or public safety, or resisting arrest or fleeing after committing such an act;
(2) Committing an act endangering the safety of others or resisting arrest or fleeing after committing the act;
(3) Criminal suspects, defendants, criminals rioting, rioting, assaulting, escaping, or robbing the above-mentioned persons or helping to carry out the above-mentioned acts;
(4) The guards, guards, guard objects, and targets specified by the state are violently attacked or destroyed, or are in immediate danger of being violently attacked or destroyed;
(5) Using violent or dangerous methods to resist or hinder the people鈥檚 police from performing their duties according to law or violently attack the people鈥檚 police, endangering the lives of the people鈥檚 police.

According to the above regulations, police equipment can also be used directly in the following situations:
1. It is too late to warn or may cause more serious harm after warning;
2. To intercept vehicles that endanger public safety and personal safety and refuse to obey the parking instructions of the people's police, or to exclude animals that endanger personal safety;
3. When the people's police with weapons refuse to obey the instructions of the people's police to keep a safe distance or touch their weapons when a person commits a crime.
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