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US military T-shirt is light and comfortable

by:XinXing     2020-06-16
US Air Force soldiers usually wear short-sleeved T-shirts instead of heavy camouflage uniforms when conducting airlift operations. Of course, the condition is that the operating area is relatively hot, such as the tropical desert area in East Africa. Recently, the 75th long-range airlift squadron of the US Air Force conducted a joint airlift of the joint mission force-Horn of Africa transport aircraft in East Africa. The soldiers loaded the C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft to provide logistics for the US military personnel there. supply. So, what's the secret of the US military's T-shirt? It is reported that the material of the US military's T-shirt is very light, about 165 grams, and it is very light to wear on the body. The specific material is made of pure cotton and spandex, which is more elastic on the body, because spandex is a rubber band haha. Despite the addition of spandex, U.S. military T-shirts are also quick-drying T-shirts, which are not only light on the body, but also very comfortable to wear on daily tasks. The US Air Force's sand-colored T-shirt has a tight neckline and is suitable for foreigners with slender necks. However, some American soldiers have reported that this T-shirt material has poor wear resistance and is easy to serve. The biggest highlight of the US Air Force's combat T-shirts is that the stitching lines are covered, so that the stitches are not close to the soldier's skin. How about seeing the T-shirt of the US Army, did you think of the PLA's physical training suit? It can be said that the physical training suit is very comfortable to wear, but it seems to be a little fat and not close enough. The author of this article also wears several fitness training suits. Personally, if I add more cotton, it may be more comfortable to wear. Whether it is a T-shirt from the US Army or a physical training suit for the People’s Liberation Army, the purpose of the design may be the same, to make the soldiers more comfortable in the summer, it is a humanized performance
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