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Use management of clothing for security equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-06
There are many security equipment equipped by security personnel, and it is very troublesome to manage. The first part describes the use and management methods of walkie-talkies in security equipment. Today, Anhua police uses equipment to manage the use of clothing in security equipment. Suggest:

1. Norms: Security guards cannot change their clothes privately, nor can they wear self-purchased windbreakers, leather jackets, down jackets and other casual clothes over their uniforms. At the same time, they must wear cap badges, collar flowers, and epaulettes as required.

2. Matching: According to the season, it can be divided into winter, summer and spring and autumn clothing. According to the occasion, it can be divided into dresses, normal clothes and work clothes. According to regulations, hats, tops and trousers must be worn together. Uniforms worn in different seasons and different occasions are not allowed Mixed wear at will, let alone casual wear.

3. Wearing: When the security guard wears a uniform, he only wears the badge issued by the company, and no other badges. When wearing it, it must be worn on the upper left of the shirt

4. Clean and tidy: When wearing winter clothes, you must wear a standard shirt and tie a standard tie; the buttons must be fastened, the hem of the underwear must not be exposed, sleeves, trouser legs, cloaks, or open arms must not be rolled, and the hat must be placed on the hat wall. Normally, standard shoes or leather shoes are worn. Uniforms, running shoes, etc. are not allowed to be worn in a manner that degrades the image. Clothing and shoes must be changed frequently and kept clean.
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