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Viewing the Importance of Protective Equipment

by:XinXing     2020-09-05
At about 10 o'clock on July 6, the public security organs discovered through work that an online fugitive was operating in a residential area in the ecological cultural tourism area of ??Huai'an, and arranged for police to go for verification. During the verification process, the police suddenly encountered the fugitives wanted on the Internet, Ma Hongbing and Ma Weibing, with knives, causing serious injuries to a civilian police officer and an auxiliary policeman and was sent to the hospital for rescue. At present, two suspects have been arrested, one of whom resisted arrest during police arrest and was shot by the police and wounded in uniform. It is reported that one of the suspects has been sentenced many times for theft and rape.

   In the face of the heroic sacrifices of police officers, we are always full of resentment towards criminals, but apart from grief and indignation, we should consider how to ensure the safety of front-line police officers. my country is a country that strictly controls guns. Even for the public security organs, all police guns and weapons are generally placed in a gun and bullet cabinet for centralized management. Unless front-line actual units such as criminal investigation and anti-drugs actually need to handle the case, they will fill out the temporary loan application form and specify the time limit and reason for the use of the gun. The department leader will sign and approve it, and then the supervisor will sign and approve it. The gun specialist took the gun there. After use, it must be returned within the first time. This process and procedures are cumbersome and time-consuming, and in this entire complex link, if something is not there, it will take a long time to wait. In addition, frightened by the majesty of the public security organs, most criminals pursued and fleeing seldom resist fiercely. Therefore, many front-line policemen do not usually have guns when doing ordinary door-to-door investigations.

   What is thought-provoking is that although criminals are not all wicked and wicked, it is still possible for them to act like a fisherman in the face of public security police if they are lucky. Therefore, in daily duty and police handling, front-line police still need to be equipped with various high-performance protective equipment to protect their personal safety.

   At present, for police officers, there are generally the following types of protective equipment to choose from.

   body armor

  As an important personal protective equipment, body armor has undergone the transition from metal armored protective panels to non-metallic synthetic materials, and from pure synthetic materials to the development of composite systems such as synthetic materials and metal armor plates, ceramic protective sheets. In recent years, with the emergence and use of new materials, the weight of bulletproof vests has become lighter and lighter, and the effect of bulletproof clothing has become better and better.

   Riot armor

The anti-riot armor combines the functions of stab resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, bulletproof, etc., which can effectively protect the whole body. The materials used in the equipment are non-toxic and have no natural harm to the human body; and the total weight is 7.93 kilograms, which is better than the conventional ones. The weight of the armor is lighter, which effectively improves the defense and speed of riot police officers. It can effectively resist the attacker's knife and stick attack. The chest and back protection equipment consists of a riot layer, a flame-retardant composite layer, a bulletproof layer and a buffer layer. The riot layer is made of high-tough materials, which can withstand 42 Joules of puncture, withstand 168 Joules of impact and One hundred joules of impact, the flame retardant composite layer is made of a combination of various materials, with good flame retardancy. The bulletproof layer can withstand lead-core bullets fired by ordinary pistols. The protective equipment of other body parts also has similar bulletproof functions, as for cushioning As the name implies, the layer has the function of buffering and absorbing impact, and improving wearing comfort.

   stab-resistant clothing

Stab-resistant clothing, also known as knife-resistant clothing, blade-resistant clothing or blade-resistant clothing, is made of ultra-high-strength fiber cloth, which has the advantages of anti-knife, anti-knife, anti-stab, wear-resistant, sharp object scratch and anti- Theft and other functions. Soft stab-resistant clothing can be used to resist attacks from common sharp objects such as daggers. Can add bulletproof board. The soft stab-resistant clothing made of stab-resistant materials made of ultra-high-strength, ultra-high-density polyethylene chopped yarn and aramid chopped yarn, also known as stab-resistant vests or stab-resistant garments, can effectively block knives and daggers The stabbing, cutting, and slashing attacks of other cold weapons comprehensively protect the body's trunk and internal organs from injury. Semi-flexible stab-resistant clothing can block daggers, triangular scrapers, and general explosive fragments. It not only has anti-stab function, but also can effectively block the invasion of general explosives and fragments. At the same time, it has the functions of waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, and UV protection. It overcomes the weakness of foreign soft anti-stab vests that are not anti-ultraviolet.
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