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Walk in wind and rain ― my 07 raincoat

by:XinXing     2020-09-03

First of all, I want to say that the station master is so talented that he actually thought of the daily use of tactical equipment. After all, living in a harmonious society, except for soldiers who wear tactical equipment to go to work, go shopping, and crowd the bus every day? Too difficult! Since it is daily life, we can’t write about outdoors. After all, it’s not daily life. Let’s write about clothing, food, shelter, transportation, firewood, rice, oil, salt, etc. This is daily life. Regarding the line, 07 boots were written by the wolf cat. If I write about military rubber shoes, I will probably be sneered at by Gao Fushuai. Besides, we don’t let you wear rubber shoes at work? After thinking about it, let’s write about the clothes. Camouflage uniforms are not usually worn. It happened to be raining outside. A Tang monk shouted downstairs: thunder and rain, take your clothes! A word to wake up the person in my dream is really a help to me, just write raincoat! First of all, let’s take a big panorama. Everyone saw that my 07 raincoat was not a cloth bag. This is the raincoat, folded like this. Some people may find it strange, why is it not camouflage? If it is camouflage, it can only be worn in the wild. Daily wear is too abrupt, how can it be so low-key and harmonious like this one! Unzipped the zipper, my 07 raincoat took out the trousers folded in quarters, my 07 raincoat pulled out the top, my 07 raincoat was all unfolded, and my 07 raincoat is the highlight of this raincoat. You can pack yourself by itself Get up, and then the packaging bag becomes a back pocket, where you can put magazines and maps. The space is spacious, it won’t be folded and it’s waterproof, right? The large back pocket of my 07 raincoat has the zippers and adhesive strips on the opening part of my 07 raincoat. Put a magazine horizontally. My 07 raincoat is placed horizontally. There is still a lot of room for the height. My 07 raincoat is put vertically. The height is still not tense, I deliberately didn't put it down. Look at the structure of my 07 raincoat. The mesh lining, the pull buttons on my 07 raincoat pants, the adhesion of the cuffs and trousers of my 07 raincoat, the zipper, the upper and lower heads, it is more convenient to work. Look at the workmanship of my 07 raincoat. The inner wear-resistant lining and thick wear-resistant strips of the trouser legs, as well as the seam adhesive strips that cannot be seen directly, are very satisfying. The abrasion-proof lining of the trousers can effectively prevent the shoes from hooking. My 07 raincoat trousers are thickened and wear-resistant strips. My 07 raincoat will show the effect of wearing. My 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, my body is a bit fat, and I was carrying tactical equipment next to my body. Deliberately chose a size two, a set of 01 carrying equipment hidden in the clothes without pressure. My 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, let’s talk about the feeling of wearing. First of all, it is rainproof. Since it is a raincoat and it is military, needless to say, the breathability is also OK, because it has a mesh lining, and The fabric is not the kind of old-fashioned rain cloth brushed with rubber, so there has not been heavy rain outside and light rain inside. If it is not for vigorous exercise, the inner clothes will continue to be dry. It's raining during the photo shoot, God really cooperated! The raindrops on the fabric of my 07 raincoat looked like dew on a lotus leaf, so it didn't touch at all. My 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, the rain is getting heavier and heavier. Quickly pack and equip my 07 raincoat. After half an hour, the surface condition of the raincoat. My 07 raincoat is made of thin fabric and has a concealed surface. Torn. My 07 raincoat, my 07 raincoat, I regard it as a daily necessities, even if it is worn as a windbreaker, there is no pressure. Wearing a jacket and walking on the street, no one will regard it as a raincoat. , Windproof and warmth are very good, the hat is very big, on the days of sandstorms in the northwest, it is so happy to wear such one when going out. Of course, I still have to talk about its weight. Generally, the average is 1.2 kg. My set is heavier because it is extra-large. Just such a raincoat, unpretentious, dignified, simple and practical, can accompany you to the wind and rain, it is worth having! Thank you for watching!
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